11 Thyroid Hacks to Skyrocket your Energy


Today we are discussing 11 Thyroid Hacks to Skyrocket your energy so you can feel amazing and live your best life!


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Feel Better. Gain Energy. Develop a New Lifestyle.


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Let’s get one thing straight first of all, girlfriend. You are not crazy. You are not stupid, dumb, out of your mind, or anything else you might tell yourself, or others might try to tell you. You are simply living your life, and trying to maintain. You get it because you live it on a daily basis. Others don’t. They will try and ask questions. But, it might just be a look, right? You know the one.

You get asked to go out. Maybe go to dinner, hang out, whatever. Socialize, eat, talk, and be present with your friends and family. But it’s just not happening. You can’t get up off the couch. You haven’t left your bed in 2 days. Who in the hell would understand this? You just get “The Look”. Enter Thyroid Hacks. It is time to change all that! Are you in? Keep Reading.

It is hard for friends or family to relate, or even want to know more about it. Boredom sets in for some and it was basically the “eyes glazed over” look when you are trying to explain something about how you are feeling. Many emotions and feelings were there, and loneliness could have set in, but I really didn’t care at the time, because I was too tired to give a shit.  Some days were impossible. At least in the beginning.

Before getting a diagnosis, it happened gradually with fatigue. I knew I was not eating the best. Not enough greens, and too many animal products back then, and not enough plant-based foods to nourish and get energy naturally. Then the levels dropped more, and I literally could not get up and fell asleep very quickly. Naps were essential. I eventually got my butt into the doctor and got a standard blood test. That was about it. I received a letter in the mail, and it was one paragraph stating I had a thyroid deficiency and I didn’t produce enough of the hormone. I would have to take a “pill” for the rest of my life. That was the extent of it.  The worst part of it?  I just accepted it like it was a normal everyday thing. I didn’t think much about it and went on with my life.

It helped somewhat, and my levels were regulated with this awful synthetic medication. I did not know anything about prescription medications and didn’t care at that time. I certainly feel much differently now after doing my research, and wanting to take the holistic, more natural route to my success to healing my thyroid, and my hormone imbalances. The natural way is the only way. I have changed many things, and I am sharing 11 Thyroid Hacks to Skyrocket your Energy NOW! woohoo! Let’s do this!!

Hack 1

Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate.

We are are all naturally dehydrated. Stay ahead of that every single day, and start with 1 liter of H20 in the morning. Before anything else! I always start with lemon water first thing and then move to my beloved green juice. I have fresh lemons and ginger in my water, but you can drink it any way you want. The benefits of having lemon water the first thing in the morning is the activation of your organs, Boosts Energy, detoxification of your liver, reduces inflammation, prevents constipation, and you can lose weight because it makes you feel full longer which reduces cravings for sweets or overeating.

Shoot for 2-3 liters a day. You will see such a significant difference when you continue to hydrate with these amounts daily. We don’t realize that we deplete so much throughout the day and night. You have to stay on it. Symptoms of dehydration include dry mouth, increased thirst, sleepy, headaches, and even dizziness. We should drink about half of our body weight in ounces a day but I would shoot for 4 liters daily.

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Hack 2



Rise and Shine! Time to get up in the morning and just START. Do you want to be Energized ALL DAY? MOVE IT.  Hi Endorphins!! Get a Fitbit, or a free tracker app, and track your exercise or steps to get it done. 10,000 steps a day equals 5 miles. This one is important on so many levels. You can do this. If you have a desk job, take several breaks, or when you are given time to step away, take a 10-15 minute walk. Do 20 Squats. Do 10 Burpees. It will recharge your Brain, get your productivity up, and you will receive much needed Vitamin D being outdoors if you can grab that walk! The explosion of pure energy I receive from taking several short breaks a day to do SOMETHING is invaluable. I feel amazing, and I work out daily in the early morning so I am fully energized all day. I also try to walk at least 10K-12K steps a day, minimum. You can also move your body by doing jumping jacks, push-ups, strength training(my personal fav), completing a short Tabata/HIIT workout, walking your pups, or pilates/yoga. They all keep you strong, alert, and feeling great! That is what we want. I was so obsessed with my Fitbit at one time, I even walked around my kitchen and house to make sure I got the steps in for the day!   Do you want to know 7 badass ways how to heal your thyroid naturally? See it Here!

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Hack 3


Get 8 hours of sleep.

9 Hours of sleep is GOLD! You need your Beauty Sleep. This one is HUGE, my Sweet friends. Please trust me on this! I feel amazing when I get 8 hours of rest. Sleep repairs your body overnight, helps injuries, soreness, joint pain, muscle repair, etc.

There are huge benefits with weight loss as well, and your overall brain health. I know when I am up late working on a project, the next day will be rough, and I will try to sneak a nap in, but it WILL take precious time to get those lost hours back. Restful sleep is very beneficial especially when you are in a healing protocol mode with your thyroid and hormones, and want to gain balance, recharge your brain, and reduce inflammation.

The thyroid is very sensitive, and a healthy routine of sleep is much needed. Things to try when you might have trouble sleeping, or suffer from insomnia is to shut those electronics down 30 minutes to an hour before bedtime. The more we are exposed to blue light, especially in the evening, the more this creates a pattern and will disturb your circadian rhythm. Read instead, do some journaling, or meditate. Yoga is wonderful as well and can help relax you to get some extra sleep.

Essential oils and aromatherapy are relaxing as well and the scents can soothe your mind and calm you. My personal favorite is Acupuncture, and there is a long list of what it can help, and this includes insomnia. It is also wonderful to couple with fertility treatments, joint pain and injury, and general wellness. I have tried Acupuncture and really loved it. If you have any questions about this, please let me know. It is Fabulous.


Hack 4


Eliminate Soy and Gluten.

These two bad boys are not your friends. They can completely mess with your thyroid and do not help it function at an optimal level. Some things can be very damaging to your thyroid and hormones so you need to be conscious of what works for you. The proteins from wheat (Gluten) can backfire on your thyroid, and it is usually associated with people with Celiac disease causing major inflammation, but it can be the same if you have any other thyroid deficiency as well.

Soy is the other bad guy. If certain types of Soy are GMO, the soybeans will have high traces of Glyphosate, which is associated with everything bad and is the main ingredient in Roundup. Bad for your health overall and inflammation will stay with you. This can develop autoimmune diseases or worsen them if you already have this going on. Crazy Stuff!

These two things are huge on the list to eliminate for optimal thyroid and hormone health. Having your thyroid work for you, and not against you is the best way to stay away from anything processed and packaged. That is KEY. The Produce Section is where you need to stay.  I started reading labels for everything I bought in the store (if there was a label present) to check the ingredients and what I was REALLY putting in my body, and it was nuts!

Please do research on Gluten and Soy first. They don’t affect everyone the same. I only know what works for me and my gut, and when I stopped putting Soy and Gluten in my body, it was a dramatic shift in my energy, my weight, and my overall hormone and Thyroid health. I felt like a different person. I still do. If you feel like Soy or Gluten are dragging you down, do me a favor and try both without for a week. or 4 -5 weeks to see real results. See how you FEEL, and if it really works for you. If there is a shift, you know to cut it out of your diet for good. The very first thing to do is to get tested for what you are struggling with. Test things out. Then test them again. And again. Since we are all so different, you will only know what is good for you if you test, eliminate, and retest.  This is what will truly give you your answers.


Hack 5


Avoid Sugar.

This one is fairly easy if you really try. No, I take that back. It is hard to break in the beginning, but it can be done. Go Slow. Read your labels diligently, and the best practice is to avoid anything in a package or processed sitting in a box. Sugar will always be present in these cases. Sugar is like Sodium and Soy. It is in EVERYTHING you read on a label. No joke. When you grocery store, stay in the produce section as I mentioned above. Outer aisles around the store, fruits, and veggies, and anything that has little to no sugar.

It comes in many forms and will be hidden in the labels. High Fructose Corn Syrup, Sucrose, Dextrose, and Rice Syrup are a few to avoid. Sugar causes leaky gut, unwanted inflammation, insulin spikes, and it slows your thyroid down. It can completely destroy your thyroid gland. Just be smart, and try products that have a natural sweetness to them. I love natural Stevia Sweetener instead of sugar for just about anything! Check all products in my Amazon store here.


Hack 6


Eat a Carrot Daily.

Carrots Rule! I used to HATE them. They just weren’t interesting to me. But when I heard that carrots can regulate and change my Thyroid, I was ALL IN. They can boost your Thyroid in 60 seconds flat and help lower your cortisol, serotonin, prolactin to name a few! Since all of those are drivers for stress, this is a very good thing. Carrots also help improve your vision, slow down aging, prevent cancer, give you gorgeous skin, and give you healthy teeth and gums. Carrots are awesome in salads, hummus, homemade slaw, and just the simple way in the recipe I shared within my thyroid hack checklist and guide. Go Grab it!


Hack 7


Take A Daily Probiotic.

I can’t say enough about Probiotics. You need them for your Gut Health and Healthy Gut Flora. We all need to maintain optimal brain health, have clear skin, and a great immune system. Taking a quality Daily Probiotic is Key to healing and maintaining your gut biome, digestion, and microbiome, and having a good balance for our overall health. Fermented Foods are a wonderful way to get these nutrients, and my absolute favorite is Sauerkraut.

Other fermented foods include Korean kimchi, miso, pickled cucumbers, pickled beets, tempeh, and coconut kefir. Probiotic supplements are another way, and finding a quality probiotic can benefit your thyroid tremendously because it will work better and you can start enjoying your life! I would find one that has at a high CFU count (at least 50 Billion CFUs or above), and one that has at least 8 strains. I am trying a new fermented probiotic that I love! Take at least once a day, and two if you need it for extra digestive health.

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Hack 8


Limit Cardio to 15-20 minutes.

You know what feels great for YOUR Body. We are all so very different, and not one thing works for all of us. There I said it. It is True. Cardio. We all need it, sure. But when you have a thyroid setback, cardio is not your friend. You have to do it the correct way, or it will totally backfire on you and your thyroid healing will go in the opposite direction. Gain weight instead of losing, feel irritable, super magnified fatigue, and it can set you back WEEKS if you do too much at one time. Your body WILL tell you, trust me.

Sound familiar? An hour and a half is NOT happening, girlfriend. Sorry, not Sorry.

This is why I love TABATA and HIIT workouts.

They are super fast, supercharged, and effective. You will burn fat and calories up to 24 hours AFTER you are finished. Some are 4-minute workouts up to 30 minutes or more. 20/10 rule for Tabata workouts.  20 seconds of high intensity with the exercise, and 10 seconds rest. Do 8 rounds of each exercise. (Ex: squats, push-ups, bicep curls, etc.) The Beauty of it? YOU pick your favorites. Give it a try! You will fall in love with Tabata.


Hack 9


Get the Thyroid Supplementation you need.

Get the right thyroid support you need with thyroid medication or supplementation. When it can be possible to reverse hypothyroidism without full medication, you should always get a full comprehensive thyroid panel with your doctor to see where your levels are at and what to tackle first. Curate the perfect thyroid toolkit for yourself with personalized labs and the right support for your body. You will be happy you did this first!

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Health and Fitness Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or licensed medical professional and never claimed to be. Any information or tips I share in my blog, posts, or on social media are from my own experiences and journey, so please do your own research to find out what works best for you. See you doctor for information related to your own health, medication, etc. See other disclosure for more information.


Hack 10


Add Seaweed to Your Diet.

You aren’t on a diet. You are trying different things that work with your body. You are eliminating some foods, adding others, and tweaking it up. Sea vegetables and Seaweed are fabulous for your thyroid function and give you Tons of Energy through Iodine.

You have to be super careful about consumption though, so check it out first since too much Iodine can be bad for your Thyroid, and can produce too much of the hormone. Most of us with a thyroid deficiency lack in this area, but you can still get too much of it, so do your research on this! Kelp, Dulse, Nori, Wakame, and Kombu are popular.

I love the seaweed snacks they have out there and the Wasabi ones are Fabulous! You can find them in International groceries and sections in the grocery store. Sea Vegetables are also a wonderful source of Iron, and great for a Detox. We all need more Vitamin SEA. Get it? The Supplements are great too with Spirulina. I love the green tablets and powder.

They are wonderful! Check out my Shop for the products I use.


Hack 11


Lose the Stress and Meditate.

My Favorite Number besides 7! We made it to #11. This Hack is CRAZY IMPORTANT, and a HUGE game changer when it comes to your Thyroid Health, your Fitness, and your Mindset. STRESS. This is a hard one. We all have stressful lives at some point.

We try to cram 5674737549084 things in our day, and then we add 12 more. We need to flipping SLOW Down, and Calm Down. Meditation is a great thing to add to your Daily. 10 minutes a day. The best way to start is to do a guided meditation, and there are many apps out there or some amazing coaches and teachers with their own. Gabby Bernstein comes to mind first. Some great mobile apps include CALM, Headspace and Ten Percent Happier. Check them out.

There are many Hacks and Tips to try for optimal Thyroid and Hormone Health but start here first. I promise I have more coming for you to try!

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Bonus: Add Yoga to your Checklist.

Yoga heals the mind, body, and soul. And it helps your Thyroid. It is a wonderful low impact exercise and practice that helps your joints out, and also gets your heart rate up.

With hypothyroidism, you can have joint pain and some pain with your back or hips in some cases, so Yoga is also wonderful for this because it improves your muscles when you practice regularly. I absolutely LOVE Yoga. Pilates is another Fav, and I practice both. Energy Levels will rise, and you feel absolutely amazing afterward.

You can get some incredible workouts in doing both, and work up a nice sweat! Add it into your daily regime, and get toned and tight FAST! Savasana is the most comfortable pose at the end of most yoga practice. (also known as Savasana, or Corpse Pose). I can stay in this state forever with yoga music and Lavender.


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