22 Throat Chakra Journal Prompts to Heal


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Journal Prompts will change your life. You are here to heal past trauma, limiting beliefs, and speaking your truth.

Are you ready to heal your throat chakra? Grab your journal and your favorite pen!

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Journaling for Chakra Healing and Balance


Through journaling, we can begin to uncover and process emotions we have repressed or kept inside for years. This can have many spiritual and purifying effects for healing. By writing and expressing our thoughts and feelings on paper(or smartphone, computer, or tablet) you can release these emotions from your body.

I am a pen and paper girl myself, and I love journals and writing on smooth stone paper. I found a few notebooks with the stone paper and they are great! I hope you enjoy these throat chakra journal prompts specifically written for you to heal and balance your very special fifth chakra.


Health and Fitness Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or licensed medical professional and never claimed to be. Any information or tips I share in my blog, posts, or on social media are from my own experiences and journey, so please do your own research to find out what works best for you. See your doctor for information related to your own health, medication, etc. See other disclosure for more information.

22 Throat Chakra Journal Prompts to Heal


Are you unable to speak from a place of truth?

Do you speak honestly about what you feel is true?

What is your favorite form of communication and what do you love about it? Singing? Acting? Public Speaking?

Describe your style of communication. Do you have trouble expressing your opinions to others? Are you direct or do you back down?

What tension are you holding inside? Physically? Emotionally? Energetically? Spiritually? Write down the tensions you have for each.

I can release this tension by..

Are you currently feeling withdrawn from others or with yourself? Why?

What do you enjoy doing that is creative?

What is your favorite way to express yourself? Through writing? art/painting? clothing? Write down examples of each.

Do you ever feel conflicted or feel a lack of purpose? Why?

What absolutely lights up your soul when you see it, hear it, or speak about it?

When you were growing up, what was the form of communication within your family unit? Was it healthy?

Was it hard to express your true feelings to family members or your parents? Does this affect how you communicate today?

Who is your absolute favorite person to talk to, and why?

Do you feel comfortable only talking to one person to express your opinions, dreams, and desires?

When growing up, were you an introvert or did you stay to yourself?

Did you have trouble connecting with others and being in teams or group settings in school?

Describe your first public speaking event or speaking in front of others. How did you feel? What did you experience and did this stay with you as a negative or a positive experience?

Were you ever bullied in school, or gossiped about and made fun of? How did this affect your life then and now?

Did something happen to you that made you back down, stay small, or not move forward in your adult life? Was it treatment or being bullied by others?

If you were to make changes in your life from past negative or positive experiences on how you express yourself or voice your opinion, what actions would you take now? What would hold you back from making these changes?

Write down 50 positive things you are grateful for now in your life. Do this every single day and say them out loud.


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Throat Chakra Affirmations to Heal


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Journaling throat chakra affirmations for the mind, body, and soul is another form of healing for the fifth chakra. Use this powerful tool as well in your journaling practice.

I speak up for myself.

I speak my truth.

I speak with kindness.

I speak with love.

I communicate effectively with everyone I meet.

I communicate the power to create my own reality.

My voice matters.

I am powerful to speak my truth.

I am able to trust my inner voice.

I express my gratitude daily about life.

I am comfortable expressing my opinions.

I am comfortable expressing myself.

I express myself with confidence and clarity.

I express myself with grace and integrity.

I am powerful and trust my inner voice.

I am comfortable with my thoughts and feelings.

I empower others with my high vibrational feelings.

I infuse my high vibrational energy into others.

I am comfortable in silence.

I am understood.

I am able to speak about things important to me.

I am able to articulate my own ideas.

I flow freely with acceptance and freedom.

Open your Throat Chakra

I hope you enjoyed the throat chakra journal prompts to help open your fifth chakra and heal from within. Your voice is important. Speaking your truth is everything. You are the POWER.  Broadcast it to the world!

The affirmations will give you inspiration for creativity, energy, and balance as well. Journal every single day to express your deepest secrets, thoughts, feelings, dreams, and desires. You can heal so much by doing this valuable inner work.

Just start.  j~ xo

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22 Throat Chakra Journal Prompts to Heal


22 throat chakra journal prompts to heal

22 Throat Chakra Journal Prompts to Heal see them at jenbaucom.com



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