25 Heart Chakra Affirmations to Unblock and Feel Love


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The heart chakra is a very important chakra that can be blocking your energy and love. Practicing heart chakra affirmations daily can help you:

  1. Renew your life-giving “green” rich energy
  2. Restore love
  3. Renew compassion for all living things
  4. Replenish depleted energy from helping others
  5. Restore self-esteem, passion, and happiness


Affirmations and journaling are the most powerful ways to heal and bring awareness to everything in your life. Today we dive into 25 heart chakra affirmations to unblock and feel love. It is time to heal your heart.

Unblocking the Heart Chakra to Feel Love

heart chakra affirmations to unblock love and heal


For the fourth chakra, the heart chakra is one that needs to feel love, compassion, and energy. I am LOVE. It is located in the center of the chest and sits over the breastbone. Constant tension can be felt within the heart chakra energy since it is the point of balance for the seven chakras with three above it and three below.

Challenges and problems that arise with the other chakras can directly affect the heart chakra. Physical pain, overwhelm, and heartbreak usually surfaces. If you are a teacher, therapist, energy healer, or coach the heart chakra can be depleted as well from giving so much of your heart on a daily basis.

The first way to bring the heart chakra back to love and heal is to practice using Affirmations. The powerful love energy they hold for the heart chakra is amazing so you can replenish and restore self-love. This will unblock any negative feelings or trauma so you will feel balanced and full of love.

Let’s deep dive into the heart chakra affirmations below to unblock any issues you are having and restore and feel love. See more energizing tools below which can be coupled with the affirmations for the best results. Check them out!

25 Heart Chakra Affirmations to Unblock and Feel Love


See the Powerful Heart Chakra Journal Prompts to compliment the Affirmations HERE!


I love.

I am open to love in any direction.

All you need is Love is all you need.

I love myself and others deeply and unconditionally.

I am worthy of my own love.

I allow love to guide me in all my actions.

My heart is always open to others.

I give and receive love effortlessly.

My heart is free from all past hurt.

It is safe to love and be loved.

Gratitude fills my heart daily.

I feel the purest joy from my heart space.

My heart is open to friendship in the purest form.

I forgive myself and others with loving compassion.

I choose positive thoughts to fill my heart.

My heart is not available for negativity.

My heart releases all low vibrational energy.

Abundance is always filling my heart with joy.

Love is my guiding truth always.

I hold pure gratitude for all my blessings.

It is safe for me to feel connected to others.

My heart is fully open to give everything I have away.

I am eternally loved.

I live to speak and sing my heart’s song.

I listen and honor my heart’s connection with others.

Heart Chakra Love Tools

Heart Chakra Journaling to Heal Love


The heart chakra love tools used for healing and restoration include energy receiving exercises by using the senses for healing the heart. Expand your 5 senses(sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste) and appreciate them by consciously using them throughout the day.  Awareness exercises also open and nourish the heart chakra. Try this technique by going to your favorite place and using your senses to move through the exercise and become present in the moment.

Other key energizing tools for heart chakra include using rose oil, meditation techniques, yoga, and crystal healing.

Rose quartz is the favorite used for crystal healing and energizes the heart chakra. You can buy small polished stones or get rose quartz set into a pendant or ring. Wearing rose quartz close to your heart (in a necklace or pendant) is a great place to start to heal and energize the heart chakra all day. Crystals are very powerful for relieving stress and anxiety and the soft pink stones are very soothing. (source)

Need more Chakra healing support? Below are more chakra tools to help you with the throat chakra. There are throat chakra journal prompts and throat chakra affirmations if you want to dive deeper into the fifth chakra. I will have all the chakras completed soon with separate pages to access. Keep checking back!

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25 Heart Chakra Affirmations to Unblock and Heal Love




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