25 Heart Chakra Journal Prompts for Healing


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Is your Heart Chakra blocked? Try these journal prompts for healing and get your heart chakra fully aligned and balanced with love.



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Heart Chakra Love and Healing

The heart chakra is the fourth chakra energy of love. It sits in the center of your chest over the breastbone. It is the point of balance and at the center of the seven chakra system. There are 3 energy centers below and 3 above the heart chakra.

As Jennie Harding states from Secrets of Chakras,  “Sometimes the three lower chakras are described as being more ‘earth based’, meaning linked to physical life, while the upper chakras are described as being more ‘spiritual’, meaning they are linked to mental, inspirational and spiritual aspects of being.” (source)

When your heart chakra is aligned and functioning at optimal levels, you are grounded in your truth and surrounded by an unconditional container of love, peace, and divine connection. Green is the vibrant color of the heart chakra and the meaning symbolizes growth, energizing life, and our unconditional love for mother earth and for all living things.

When unbalanced, the heart chakra is blocked with uncertainty, jealously, and a disconnect with emotions, relationships, and intimacy. Other signs of a blocked heart chakra include codependency, low self-esteem, and shyness.

See the powerful journal prompts below to journal on, and bring you to a true understanding of compassion for what your heart needs and wants, and reach a truly aligned state of healing for your heart, love, passion, and purpose. Grab your pen and journal and let’s open the heart chakra.

Heart Chakra Journal Prompts for Healing

Journaling is a healing experience and is meant for self-reflection and self-awareness. When I first started journaling it was awkward and I wasn’t really grasping the power within. You can uncover suppressed feelings, thoughts, and emotions from the past or childhood that you would never think about. Many things can surface. It is super powerful and therapeutic.

  • Describe your first memory of love and feeling love in your life.
  • What are you grateful for? Write down as many as possible and let your heart lead you.
  • How can you fully show up for yourself?
  • What and who do you love? Name 100 things.
  • Describe the love you have for yourself.
  • Do you have a lack of self-love at any given time? Why or why not?
  • Write down your first broken heart, how it made you feel, and how did you move through it?
  • When growing up, did you openly receive love from your family? Did you genuinely feel the love or did it feel awkward?
  • Do you feel worthy of love? Why or why not?
  • What lights up your soul and sparks passion in your heart? What are you truly passionate about? What actions do you take daily to honor your true passions?
  • Do you get frustrated or angry easily with others, situations, or with yourself? Do you hold on to the anger or let it go quickly?
  • Are you jealous of family, friends, or people you don’t even know reaching success?
  • When certain situations arise in your life, do you get defensive easily? What helped you move through it?
  • What does being judgmental mean to you? Do you find yourself judging others easily? Why or why not?
  • Describe a time when you got burned, betrayed, or really hurt by someone’s actions. Did you sit in these feelings for a long period of time or let it go? What did you learn from it, and was gratitude present to move through it?
  • Can you forgive easily or do you hold it in? What holds you back from forgiving? Describe a time you used forgiveness in your life and how it felt. Can you forgive yourself easily?
  • How is your relationship status with friends, or a significant other? Do you have difficulty opening up or loving others?
  • What does the word love make you think of?
  • Does intimacy with others make you uncomfortable? Is it hard for you to let go and trust?
  • List all the things you can think of in your childhood that hurt you. Were you bullied as a child? Describe and write down how these things make you feel.
  • Have you ever felt grief, despair, or depression with situations in your life? What do you do to move through those feelings?
  • Name a time when you felt completely in flow with love and your life and how you felt. Write down as many as you can remember.
  • Write down all the things you can start letting go of that is not serving you anymore. After you complete this, tear up or burn it to truly let it go.
  • Do you practice any type of self-care? Write down all the things you love to do but never have time for. Go do every single thing on your list.
  • Write a letter to the younger version of yourself and tell him/her the unconditional love you hold for him/her and include peace, joy, and loving thoughts of security and being safe. Tell him or her they are on the highest path of love and you hold this container for them throughout their life. It is ok to feel peace and joy. They are safe.

Clearing your Heart Chakra

The heart chakra is special and sacred. The energy of love always surrounds you and keeping this fourth chakra balanced and cleared will always keep your heart open for divine love with everything in life. People, places, situations, behaviors, relationships. All things.

I hope you enjoyed and used all the heart chakra journal prompts to guide your healing back to love and internal happiness.

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25 Heart Chakra Journal Prompts for Healing



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