5 Brain Fog Solutions


Today we are discussing 5 different Brain Fog Solutions and what steps to take to get clarity, focus and take back your Life!


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Do you want Brain Fog Solutions? Awesome! Let’s start here. You’re NOT Crazy. Trust me. Here is a wild scenario for ya…Waking up one morning. Several months back. I open my eyes. I immediately feel foggy. Lightheaded and out of it. Major difficulty even getting out of bed. Dude. Did I just get run over by a truck, and I don’t remember it? Sure felt that way. I can’t focus at all. I try to concentrate on one thing for a few minutes. Can’t do it. I feel scared. Like something major happened, and I freaking missed it. Brain Fog.


What the FLIP is going on? Brain Fog. That’s what. Lack of Focus. Zero Mental Clarity. I forgot EVERYTHING. And the “in the freaking clouds” foggy feeling. It can be very scary. We immediately think about our workloads. Our busy home life. Schedules, Calendars, appointments, deadlines, OH MY! It is 2018. It is supposed to be this way, RIGHT? WRONG. Nope. Nada. Sorry girlfriend, but this isn’t normal. Some Major Triggers of Brain Fog are lack of sleep, fatigue, dehydration and feeling faint.

Symptoms of Brain Fog

Symptoms of Brain Fog include irritability, low energy or extreme fatigue, forgetfulness, zero motivation, extreme anxiety, mild depression, confusion, lack of sleep or insomnia, and trouble concentrating on anything including your workload, your exercise, your nutrition, and your Life.

Causes of Brain Fog

Causes of Brain Fog include hormonal imbalances especially with 3 hormones that determine your energy, focus, and mood which are dopamine, serotonin, and cortisol. Lack of Sleep, your maxed out adrenals(adrenal fatigue syndrome), major inflammation, viral infections, nutritional deficiencies, gluten intolerance, and a crappy diet and a schedule with too much sugar, alcohol, and caffeine ALL contribute to the foggy feeling you might be experiencing.

You must address the underlying issues. Diet, Stress, Physical Activity, Sleep and Detoxing your Life from Environmental chemicals. There are many solutions out there, but today I am giving 5 Quick Solutions for Brain Fog that have worked for me, so it can exit from your life for good! Are you ready? Here we go.

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Solution #1

Get your SUGAR Intake under control.

The Sweet DEETS! Sugar is our BFF, right? Until it completely takes your body and mind over and can cause major problems. You get a sugar high and feel on top of the world. Then your blood sugar spikes through the roof, you crash hard, and it starts doing major damage. When you have a thyroid deficiency, sugar is NOT your freaking BFF. It can cause extreme fatigue and brain fog will take over with too much. This is a hard one, because sugar is always going to be around, and it is in most everything we consume unless we are cooking ourselves. Now don’t get me wrong. We were all meant to taste sweet things, and enjoy them! The real problem isn’t sugar itself. It is how much we are consuming, how fast, and what kind.

There are many types of sweeteners out there, natural and artificial. Pure Cane Sugar, Sugar in the Raw, Coconut Sugar, those blue equal packets, pink packets, you name it. I used to use Splenda all the time with my coffee or to sweeten anything. SPLENDA. Are you kidding me? Don’t ever consume this crap. EVER. It isn’t real sugar of course, and the dangers of the dreaded yellow packets include brain damage, internal issues, and there are even certain cases of death. It is in most soft drinks and those lovely sugary drinks. If you do consume, be very careful with it, and just practice moderation.

I do enjoy using Coconut Sugar for cooking, baking and sometimes in my coffee or tea. Raw Honey, Dates, and Pure Maple Syrup are great sweeteners to use as well. Who doesn’t love Maple Syrup? I always have my Sweetleaf Liquid Stevia Sweet Drops on hand for cooking, drinks, or smoothies. It is a natural organic sweetener extract with Stevia Leaf. That is what I usually in my cabinet IF I use anything at all. Favorite Flavors are Vanilla Creme, Toffee, and Chocolate. Yum! No calories or Carbs and Stevia is derived from a plant. It is a win-win for me. Another absolute fav is So Delicious Brand Unsweetened Vanilla Coconut Milk. I use this as well in all my shakes, and coffee. It is creamy and so good!  The BEST way to get the whole sugar sweetness is from Fruit. Most fruit is made up of mostly water, so the water dilutes it. Fresh Fruit all day every day. Tips to say goodbye to Brain Fog are of course to not consume any type of sugar at all, or very little. Be mindful of what you are taking in on a daily basis. Use natural sweeteners. Eating energizing foods throughout the day can help brain fog go away and boost memory and focus.

A few complex carbs and different Brain Foods to try include avocados, beets, bone broth, blueberries, coconut oil, walnuts, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, green leafy veggies, and eggs. If you want to try natural Stevia sweetener SweetLeaf Sweet Drops is my Favorite Sweetener. Check it out here! SweetLeaf Sweet Drops Chocolate is also my absolute go to and compliments my chocolate tea perfectly. Yum! Try the SO Delicious Brand Unsweetened Vanilla Coconut Milk here!

I also get a lot of organic items online through a wonderful online market called Thrive Market. They have it all if you are a major organic foodie and love to try different items. Great discounts as well! Check them out here under me and get 25% OFF your first order! Score! Find what makes you Thrive!

Solution #2

Stress Management.

Dude. I mean really? Stress. In the digital world, we live in today, with all the fast-paced meetings, masterminds, corporate international careers, travel, family, pets, and households to run, how do you keep YOU in check? We deal with so much these days with our daily grind, and we have to make it a priority to take care of ourselves so we don’t end up with Brain Fog. Tons of Self-Care can eliminate Stress and Brain Fog. Things to practice include Deep Breathing Sessions, Energy Work, Massages, Long Walks, Acupuncture (my personal favorite), Meditation, Yoga, Journaling, and Reading. We all need these things on a daily basis. Have you ever tried one of them? The stress and fog melt away! Brain Fog is rooted in a lifestyle that promotes inflammation and hormone imbalances, and that is exacerbated by stress. Chronic stress leads to serious adrenal burnout. Our Adrenals are so important and keep us in check especially when stressful situations arise. They control the body’s hormones.

The adrenals work so hard, and when they are losing the battle along with their partner in crime (the thyroid), the organs in the brain, digestive system, thyroid, heart, endocrine system, and the liver are all in distress. The adrenals and brain have a very important connection, and when the adrenals work too hard and go into suffer mode, the brain can have drastic changes occur. Adrenal Fatigue symptoms include salt and sugar cravings, exhaustion, crappy sleeping patterns, low libido, muscle tone loss, and of course hormone imbalances. See how it is ALL connected? The beauty of it is, YOU can change it. General Wellness and Self-care days are much needed in our lives, coupled with supplement support if you need it. I added a few that I truly love below. They are amazing for supplemental support, and really help Anxiety and your Adrenals.

This awesome supplement helps a lot with Anxiety- See it here! Fantastic Gaia Herbs Adrenal Support Supplement is here!

Solution #3

Exercise Regularly.

Regular and moderate exercise daily helps reduce or completely eliminate Brain Fog. Your brain is activated. Your Mental Clarity returns, along with a Great Mood, Endorphins to make you feel Amazing, AND the Fatigue is GONE. There is nothing better than having a wonderful sweat sesh every single morning, and feeling Badass! Strength Training(Yes, please), Quick Cardio workouts such as HIITs and Tabatas, Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates, MMA, Running, Tennis, Football, Rollerblading, and many others. Staying active and MOVING your body ALL Day is Key to keeping your brain working at Optimal levels. 5 days a week is Fantastic. 3 days still great, but every day doing something, and moving your body several times throughout the day is what needs to happen. See you outside!

Solution #4

Get Amazing Sleep.

Need some ZZZZZZ’s? Yes, I know you do. We all ideally need 7-9 hours a day for optimal brain health. Your brain thrives on sleep, and some very strange things can happen if you do not get enough. You can have feelings of fear, heightened anxiety(or anxiety attacks), and negative emotional states. Your cognitive brain function takes the hit. No mental clarity or focus. No concentration. Memory Loss is a regular occurrence, and you are a straight up Hot Mess. Enter Brain Fog. Any Questions? No much to say on this except to get AWESOME SLEEP. It is simple, really. You need it. You crave it. Just grab your fluffy pillow and GO. I absolutely LOVE to sleep. More than anything. We all have Life happening, and there will be many times when we do not get adequate sleep. All the mommies out there, I totally understand! I am only a Fur Baby Momma, but I have 5, so I still have major responsibilities as well. But you still have to make time for yourself. Does this fall into the self-care category as well? It all comes down to this. We have to function daily. With our careers, our family, our health and our physical fitness. Sleep is imperative. You got this! Then, you can say goodbye to Brain Fog for good, and kick it to the curb. I don’t think I will get an argument on this one. 😉 Sweet Dreams!

Solution #5

Brain Food

Intellectual Stimulation. We all need games in our life. No, not mind games with a significant other! I am talking Brain Games here. Want to keep your Brain active and functioning at super optimal levels? Increase your Attention, Perception, and Cognitive Brain Function by constantly stimulating your Brain. Reading is awesome of course, and my personal Fav. I always have some great personal development and educational books handy. Playing Daily Brain Games can also be VERY beneficial, and the Brain Fog will disappear when you take these things on. It takes concentration and focus, and the best way to get it back is THIS!

Lumosity is super cool! I love this one to play brain games and stay sharp. As you increase the cognitive brain games, your brain function will improve with it. Nice! Try it out.

Another favorite of mine is using Nootropics. Fuel for your lovely brain. I absolutely love this company that I found listening to a podcast. It is Beekeeper’s Naturals!!

The products are fabulous and they have Bee Pollen, Raw Honey, Be Chill Raw Honey & Hemp, and B.LXR Brain Fuel which is a caffeine-free, nootropic fuel for your brain that fights off brain fog and it naturally supports memory, focus and energy! It is my absolute go to!!

OH HONEY!! Check it out Here!!


Brain Fog is a very REAL thing, and there are many ways to banish it for good! I hope the 5 Brain Fog Solutions I mentioned today helped you, or someone you love. Thanks for stopping by. Share this with someone you know who might need these solutions ASAP!

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