5 Key Secrets to get to a Growth Mindset


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Today we are discussing the 5 Key Secrets to get to a Growth Mindset.


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Mindset. It is buzzing everywhere, and it is the hottest thing to overcome and get into a positive place.

What the heck is Mindset, anyway? Definition: The established set of attitudes held by someone. What does it mean? It means from the belief system you have, and with your way of thinking, you determine your mental attitude, behavior, and outlook on life.

It is the Foundation of Success in all aspects of your life. Mind, Body, and Soul. Most people have a Fixed mindset or a Growth Mindset.

Fixed Mindset – With a Fixed mindset, people believe their qualities such as their intelligence or talent are just fixed traits. They think talent alone will create success with zero effort. Wrong. They also fear and do not like change, resist any new challenges, and stay stagnant, and happy to do so.

Growth Mindset – Someone who owns having a Growth Mindset believes and thrives on change, helps other like-minded people along the way, and celebrate others successes. They are excited for each day and what it brings, and that shines through every single time.

Which one are you? There is a method to learning and shifting into a Focused, Growth Mindset, and having clarity on a daily basis. The inner work consists of anything you do to train your mind for believing in yourself. You will get to the Success, and help others on this path as well. Mindset is infused in all of our actions, so don’t wait. TAKE ACTION NOW. Create a Daily Abundant Flow to reach a Growth Mindset, so let’s go over those next.

There are 5 Key Secrets or Steps to get to a Growth Mindset. When we open our eyes in the morning, our mindset, which is our very own attitude and belief system, set the tone, and behavior every day when we rise. We decide how it is going to be, and it can go in two very different directions. I will give you my secrets to retrain your brain, identify and shift the limiting beliefs, and make that new decision and pull your attention towards that, and STAY THERE! You made it to a Growth Mindset!

Secret #1

Set Intentions for the Day.

This is the starting point for gaining perspective on a new mindset to follow. Let’s Journal out your personal roadmap. Set your Intentions for the Day by writing out all of your desires, goals, and your direction in life. Ask yourself the real questions.

How do you want to feel every day? How do you want your life to look like? Journal out everything, and REALLY FEEL what you are writing down. Are you stuck in certain areas of your life? What is really holding you back? Where do you really want to see yourself in 6 months? a year? Tomorrow? How does that Look? What will you do to get there?

Write these out over and over again. Then revisit them daily, and turn all of your thoughts into positive vibes and personal affirmations for the day. Your confidence will rise quickly through these practices, and you will gain focus and clarity. BOOM. You will have many Breakthroughs. You will get SUPER laser-focused just by writing EVERYTHING out, and then OWNING IT!

Be grateful for everything, and keep doing it. Give yourself some Love, and write out 20 Positive Affirmations each day. Putting I AM in front of the sentences is the way to go. I am Strong. I am Confident. I am impacting my client’s lives daily. I am enough. Affirmations will reframe your belief system and any limiting beliefs you currently hold on to. Trust me, it works!


Secret #2

Practice Mindful Meditation.

Practicing Mindful Meditation is a really good thing to add to your life every day. Mindful Meditation is simply being fully aware and present in the moment, and with yourself, while meditating. The primary focus is on your physical state. First of all, meditation can relieve any stress you might have in your life, help you relax and focus, remove the crap, blocks and limiting beliefs, and get you centered on YOU. You can, and will get super clear with meditation.

I do this first thing in the morning. Find a quiet, calm place. Decide if you want to meditate sitting on a pillow on the floor or in a straight back sofa or chair. Maintain a straight, but relaxed back. Relax your shoulders, arms, and legs. Close your eyes, palms facing up in your lap, or on your legs, and take a deep inhale (3 seconds), hold it (2 seconds), and then take a long exhale through your mouth, and blow the air out(4 seconds).

Do this as many times as you like. Focus on your breath. Clear your head and your mind. It feels amazing, and really let go and get into the moment. You can meditate however long you want. Just give yourself this time and sacred space for yourself. It is all about focus and concentration. It will also reduce, or end any stress or anxiety you might be holding on to. This includes inflammation, so I definitely add this to my daily self-care routine.

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Secret #3


Visualization is Attracting All the things. All the Desired Goals, Desires, Dreams and thoughts you wrote down and revisited every day need to come to Life! Sit quietly and visualize every single detail, and everything you want for your life, and your future like it already happened. Act AS IF. Feel the emotion, and feel what it is like to be in your Higher Self.  All you have to do is just step into it. Gain the positive energy and gratitude from this practice every day, and know it is already there waiting on you to step into it.

Make it happen.

Don’t look back.

Repeat this step. Then do it again. Repeat a few more times. Know it as your divine truth, and see yourself making it happen.

Secret #4

Take Massive Action.

It is go time. This is the Mindset SHIFT. Take the messy, crazy action. Stay confident. Do something new every day WITH the NEW decision you made.
  • First, Identify the old limiting belief. Different things will trigger it. That is ok. Acknowledge it. Be consciously aware it is there.
  • Reframe and retrain your brain here, let go of the limiting belief holding you back, and shift your mind and attention to a Brand NEW Decision.
  • Pull your attention to the NEW Decision and stay there. Don’t think about the how or the when. That isn’t your problem. Just know it will happen, and step into the higher power. The Higher Version of YOU.
  • Stay in a grateful place and accept the beautiful energy surrounding you. You did it! Stay in the higher frequency and the old beliefs will never come back.
  • The energy shift happens HERE. Congratulations. The Transformation is yours to use forever. You can have it all! Repeat this DAILY. Keep showing up.

You are doing this. You already did it. It is just waiting for you. Manifest it into your life.

Take the massive action every day in your daily mindset work, and stay on it. Follow the steps above, and you will naturally deactivate the old limiting beliefs & memories. The New Empowering Belief will shape your future, and you will be present in what you are doing with your health, your fitness, your mind, and your relationships.

It will transform every part of your life.

Focus and stay in this higher frequency.

Secret #5

Read and Listen to Mindset Experts.

The experts know what they are talking about. Listen to as many mindset based podcasts as you can on a weekly basis, or daily, and always get a good personal development read in(1-2 books a month). A few of my favorite books are listed below. More incredible books in my Shop. Grab Mindset Books here!







Energy Flows Where Intention Goes

One Last Thing. Rinse and Repeat.  Do it every single day. Change the Belief system you created when you were a child. Reframe it, and Make a NEW Decision. Here is the beautiful part. Once the NEW DECISION is made, it changes everything in your life. Congratulations! The Transformation is all yours.

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