6 Badass Tips on How to Lift Weights and Feel Awesome


Do you want to up your game, gain energy, and heal your thyroid? Today we are discussing some badass tips on how to lift weights and feel awesome doing it daily.


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I already know you want to feel AMAZING. I also know you want to add MAJOR ENERGY to your Life. Why wouldn’t you? Have you ever try Lifting Weights? When you are thinking about Lifting weights, or Strength Training for the first time, there are many things to know. I started lifting weights casually many years ago at the gym, dumbbell weights at home, and a straight bar with flat weights. I absolutely fell in love with lifting and how it made me feel. I gained strength, flexibility, balance, energy (endorphins) galore, and a much better physique. It was nice to see some definition and muscles too! Who doesn’t love that?

It is totally ok if you don’t want huge muscles and a bodybuilder body. You won’t get it with a regular routine. Bodybuilder status is very detailed, and extensive training, so no worries if you just want to seriously tone, tighten, and get some sweet definition. Your body will change, but it will be the best thing you ever did!

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I hope you learn more about lifting weights and strength training and end up loving it as much as I do! Strength training saved my Life!

Let’s do THIS!

Tip #1

Start Low on Weight.

You do not want to start any strength training program or even casual lifting of weights without a plan. Do not start out with heaver weight. They call it Strength Training for a reason. When you start out, there are many different workouts out there, with different weights. Starting with 3 sets of 10-15 reps is ideal for beginners. Your body will tell you when you need to up the weights. Start low on weight with a few sets after you pick the program you want to complete, or make up your own. Gradually move up as you gain strength.

The absolute best way to move up in weights quickly when you are lifting is to go from light to heavy with your sets. Progressive sets. It is a total mindset shift on perception, and what you thought was super heavy in the beginning becomes lighter, and you gain your confidence boost! Let’s use Bicep curls for an example: Start with a lighter weight for 15-20 reps, medium weight for 12 reps, heavy weight for 8 reps, and if you advance to super heavy, do the last set for 6 reps. Then go backward, and decrease the weight. 6,8,12,15. It builds your muscles faster, you get stronger, build confidence, and you go to a whole new level with your Fitness. Lifting is my Jam.

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What type of weights do we use in the gym, or at home? Barbells, Kettlebells, or Dumbbells?  I love all three!

When you are first starting out with lifting, dumbbells are your BFF.  Embrace it. They work your muscles harder than machines, anyway. You want that when you are first starting out with weight training. You can advance to using Kettlebells and the heavier weighted Barbell plates as you gain more strength. They are all Badass, and I would give yourself that variety if you are working out at home and want to add your own weights. Kettlebells are fantastic, and I highly recommend trying them out.

I started with super low weight on the Kettlebells but ended up buying a heavier weight because it makes the workouts more challenging, and you really get something out of it. 15 lb and 20 lb kettlebells are awesome and go up from there. I will be purchasing 30lb Kettlebells soon for my workouts. Kettlebell Swings, One-Arm Rows, Deadlifts, Bent Rows, Sumo Deadlifts, Clean and Press, and Russian Twists. It is endless on workouts you can create, and talk about feeling like a Badass! YES! Super challenging but wonderful!!

I bought some AWESOME weight lifting products for working out at home, and I added those below if you are interested in adding a few weights for your workouts. I love Amazon! Working out at home and at the gym is great, but working from home I love having my own workout space and small gym. It is the absolute best! We just use our bonus room upstairs and have a good setup. I will be starting a video series on workouts soon, so you will see what I do!

Here are the Kettlebells I have

Awesome Barbell Clamps

Barbell Pads

Badass Weight Bars

Squat Stands

Awesome Weight Benches


Regular Dumbbells

Adjustable Dumbbells


Tip #2


You have to have a solid plan when you Lift Weights. You need preparation for the Strength Training you are about to do. You don’t just pick up the weights and do the sets real quick, right? We all need to prepare and get our nutrition set, and our muscles ready for a successful workout. Pre-workout drinks, Tons O H20, and in some programs you will need to eat an hour before you start your workout. That being said, we need to prep our body, and wake that bad boy UP!

Foam Rolling is awesome to do before you start any lifting sequence, and really helps massage your muscles and get you ready for those killer Supersets! It will loosen your muscles up, and help your body perform like it was meant to. Having a regular 3-5 minute warmup needs to happen as well for your arms and legs and doing a quick HIIT of High Knees or Squats. This will give you a better range of motion, so your strength training is epic. These warmups coupled with more energy to put into your workout, will bring you maximum results, and eliminate injuries or muscle pulls. This is non-negotiable. Just DO IT.

You’re Welcome.

Foam Rollers

Tip #3

Get your ZZZZZZZZ’s

Dude. Stop with the 5 hours a night sleep. Nope. Your muscles need recovery and rest, especially after strength training workouts. They can get intense depending on what you are working, and you need to sleep. Training often with little sleep will hinder your success to get stronger, be mentally ready to dive into the workouts, and to be fully present with all the lifting you will be doing. Take Rest days for sure(at least 2 a week), and then get some serious ZZZZZ’s. No exceptions on this one!

Tip #4

Watch your Posture.

Your back hurts after your workout. Everything else does too. Why? You probably aren’t practicing the proper form and etiquette to correctly Lift weights. Your posture needs work. A great starting position should always be chest out, standing tall, shoulders back, and abs tight. Working the right muscles with zero strain is what you are looking for. Good Posture is important and so is Good Form. An extra tip for beginners: Grab a 1 session jam in the Gym with a personal trainer. They can show you the proper form, grips, positions, and motions for all the wonderful exercise moves you will be doing.

Here are two workouts Below to try for Shoulders, Triceps and Biceps. Warmup First before the workouts. Enjoy!

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Tip #5

Fuel Your Body Properly.

You must eat well when you start weight training. You need Carbs. You need Protein. And yes, you need FAT too!! Depending on if you are doing a specific workout program, or one on your own, eating clean, and eating WELL are both very important to build lean muscle and keep it. Balanced meals and have portions of lean proteins, complex carbs, and healthy fats too. You have to fuel your body properly. You will deplete everything from a strength training session, and sometimes eating lean protein before your workouts can seriously boost your energy during the workouts, making you more efficient. Food is medicine, and it has so many healing capabilities as well. Fuel it right. Ditch the Sugar, Soy, and Gluten!

Hydration is Key as well. You need to be drinking a TON of H20, and since we are all naturally dehydrated, have water with you during workouts. You need half of your body weight a day in ounces. You can try weighing yourself before and after the workout, and then subtract the difference, and drink that in ounces. Water will give you so much energy too! Consume 3-4 liters a day depending on what you have going on.

Tip #6

Add Rest Days.

Hey, I get it. If you are like me, you are super hype, full of energy, and are totally stoked to keep going harder! You want to Lift as much as possible and Lift Heavy every damn day. I know. I love it too. I am super passionate about how badass it makes me feel, and what it does for my body, brain, and soul. It is ok. You keep lifting and doing your sets, BUT we all need to add a couple of rest days to the routine. Why? Super important for muscle growth. Your muscles need that time to rest.

Strength Training is not for everyone. Pick up those weights, and try a few sets. When you know it for you, you can’t stop thinking about doing it again. And again. And again. Building muscle, gaining more Badass strength and confidence, and loving fitness again. Try it out, stay safe, and Have Some Fun!

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