6 Thyroid Supplements You Need Today


    Today we are discussing the 6 Thyroid Supplements you need today for a healthy thyroid and hormone balance.


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    Thyroid Supplements. Do they help? Do we REALLY need them? We eat clean (most of the time), we have changed our crappy habits into new lifetime habits by eating more leafy greens, grilled veggies, green juices for days, and lean protein. Is that enough? Not always, no. I almost forgot to top it off with a thyroid deficiency. Overwhelming.

    First of all, I want to be super crystal clear on this. All of our bodies are VERY different, and we all absorb nutrients differently. There is NOT ONE WAY to do things for everyone, but there are beneficial ways to control and balance our immune system, & nourish our thyroid.

    When we have thyroid disease or whacked out symptoms with our hormones, it almost ALWAYS points back to an autoimmune issue first. A person can have symptoms going on for months, and even years before a thyroid deficiency comes into view and wants to join the party. The immune system will go haywire creating antibodies that will attack healthy thyroid tissue and destroy it.

    That will, in turn, produce insufficient amounts of the thyroid hormone, and Hypothyroidism arrives. We can all be deficient in many nutrients, and supplementation can sometimes be the only way to correct it. The good news is we can change all of this by trying out a few key supplements and balancing the immune system to kick those unwanted guests to the curb.

    I am excited to share a few of my favorites, and what has helped me get back on track, coupled with dialing in my nutrition. I will help you get there too. I am sharing everything so you can get all these benefits as well without having to look all this stuff up. Nobody has time for that! Supplementing can be the true game-changer YOU need for adequate nourishment for your body, and blast your Energy through the roof!

    They are all super nourishing for your body and will support and balance your adrenals, thyroid, and your immune system perfectly. I also share the links to my recommendations after each supplement.

    There are also many other supplements listed that are super beneficial for your thyroid and overall health. I hope you gain some insight and great value on what the supplements can truly do for you, your hormones, and your quality of LIFE. Let’s Dive in!

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    Supplement #1


    Selenium is awesome sauce for your thyroid health! This bad boy strengthens thyroid tissue and boosts your overall immune system and thyroid gland, and stimulates the production of the thyroid hormones T3 and T4. This is huge!  Selenium also decreases thyroid antibodies and improves your blood flow. Some foods that are selenium-rich include shitake mushrooms, sunflower seeds, brazil nuts, lamb, chicken, turkey, eggs, salmon, and tuna. 55-200 micrograms are good to start with on dosage but check with your doctor before starting so you can get the proper dosage.

    Check out the brand I use below. I take Selenium every day and it works perfectly for me.

    Pure Encapsulations Selenium


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    Supplement #2

    B-Complex Vitamins

    Who doesn’t like a Huge Boost of Energy? B-Complex Vitamins are fabulous and will benefit you in many ways. B-Complex Vitamins are packed with Antioxidant support, will aid in cellular energy production, and the essential nutrients in B-complex Vitamins help convert food into fuel, allowing us to stay super energized throughout the day. B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9 and the big one for optimal thyroid health, B12.

    B1- (Thiamine) Aids in proper digestion, enhances blood circulation, helps appetite and boosts energy.

    B2- (Riboflavin) Promotes healthy skin, eyesight and the production of red blood cells.

    B3- (Niacin) Lowers cholesterol, improves blood circulation and creates healthy skin and muscle tissue.

    B5- (Pantothenic Acid) Regulates central nervous system, helps in the production of adrenaline hormone, aids in metabolism, and helps treat depression and anxiety.

    B6- (Pyridoxine) Helps brain function, stops the formation of kidney stones, helps the treatment of allergies and arthritis, and creates serotonin in your system.

    B7- (Biotin) Supports thyroid and adrenal function, increases fatty acid production, balances blood sugar and supports a healthy metabolism.

    B9- (Folic Acid) Produces red blood cells, boosts energy, helps protein metabolism, strengthens the immune system, and helps in fetal nerve cell formation.

    B12- (Methylcobalamin) Boosts your overall energy levels and emotional stability (a.k.a. moods), aids in folic acid absorption, prevents memory loss and lowers the risk of neurodegenerative disease & helps growth and protection of the nervous system.

    These are my favorites below.

    Garden of Life Raw B-Complex

    Nature Made Super-B Complex

    Supplement #3


    This wonderful supplement is the bomb dot com. Spirulina is a sea veggie, a Blue-Green Algae, and very rich in protein and iodine. Spirulina is a very potent source of nutrients, and will boost that Thyroid and immune system bigtime! It is also high in Chlorophyll, which is super beneficial for your hormones and thyroid as well. It increases energy, great for eye health, eliminates candida, reduces inflammation, detoxes heavy metals out of your body, lowers blood pressure, reduces cholesterol and stress naturally, and speeds up weight loss! This miracle stuff even helps eliminate sinus issues. I cannot say enough about this wonderful supplement. Below are two badass recommendations that I use regularly.

    I use the green tablets and the green spirulina powder for smoothies.

    Pure Hawaiian Spirulina 

    Pure Hawaiian Spirulina Powder

    Supplement #4


    This supplement is a great amino acid that feeds the thyroid healthy tissue, even if it under attack with a virus. It will continue to produce thyroid hormones. L-Tyrosine will help regulate hormones that are produced by the thyroid, adrenal glands, and pituitary gland. The thyroid processes iodine to make hormones, and iodine needs to be mixed with tyrosine to make T3(triiodothyronine) and T4(thyroxine) hormones. The thyroid is the only organ in the body that can produce iodine.

    Since it does need L-Tyrosine to make the T3 and T4 hormones, it is imperative that your body is making this, or getting it through nutrition. You need this balance in your body and your metabolism with the T3 and T4 hormones. This amino acid helps the thyroid operate at optimal levels. When the various amino acids, hormones, and proteins are out of whack, many diseases can appear, so L-Tyrosine helps eliminate that.


    Supplement #5


    You need magnesium in your life, and especially if you have hormone and thyroid problems, or disease. Many of us are deficient without even knowing it. It can cause an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) in some cases. If left untreated it can accelerate diabetes, weight gain, and liver disease. Here is why you need it. First of all, it has a calming effect or helps to calm the nerves.

    Magnesium is very important for our bodies and brain and has an inhibitory neurotransmitter that produces the “happy hormones” which includes serotonin. It regulates your hormones and promotes relaxation for the brain. It also helps increase energy and treats insomnia(some can be taken at night which includes the magnesium powder drink I recommend below in the link). It also aids in digestion (and constipation issues), relieves muscle aches and pains, and can prevent migraine headaches. Heart health is also very important, and it works to maintain proper levels of your blood pressure.

    These two below I highly recommend! Both work perfectly. Use the powder at night before bed.

    INNATE Response Formulas Magnesium

    Natural Vitality CALM Magnesium Powder

    Supplement #6


    Zinc is great for the Thyroid. It reduces inflammation and growth of nodules, cysts or tumors, and strengthens the thyroid and white blood cells. It gives a major boost to the immune system and stabilizes the adrenals. You need Zinc to have optimal thyroid production, and metabolism as well. You don’t need much zinc, and you can take it in liquid or capsule form. I currently use the capsule, and 30 mg is good for the daily dosage, but please check with your doctor first on all supplements.

    Pure Encapsulations Zinc 30

    Other Natural Supplements that are super beneficial and will balance hormones and the thyroid are all shown below.

    Beyond Tangy Tangerine

    Beyond Tangy Tangerine is the latest supplement I have found for hormone balance, hormone health and helping out that thyroid hormone. It is amazing!


    Tulsi Holy Basil

    Tulsi Holy Basil is a badass adaptogen herb and has amazing benefits which include helping stress, maintaining blood sugar levels, boosting your memory, helping with kidney function, helps reduce uric acid levels, balances metabolism, balances energy levels, aid in digestion(great for thyroid), and uplifts your mood. Dude! Yes, please!


    LOVE THIS POWERHOUSE and called “The Mother of all Antioxidants” by Mark Hyman, MD. Glutathione is leaving our bodies at an alarming rate and many of us are deficient due to pre-mature aging, infections, chronic stress(um, YEP), environmental toxins, genetically modified foods, and overuse of antibiotics. Every cell in our bodies produces it, so it is a very important antioxidant because is within the cell. It is beneficial for our overall immune system, boosts our energy, fights cancer, helps reduce stress, reduces muscle joint discomfort, detoxifies the liver and cells, improves quality of sleep, improves athletic performance and recovery, and slows down the aging process. I repeat, it SLOWS DOWN THE AGING PROCESS. Getting injections of Glutathione are great(checking into this soon), and there are many wonderful brands in capsule form as well. One of mine is located in the link above. Check it out!!

    Garden of Life Raw Vitamin C

    Vitamin C overall is a must in your Life! It helps boost your energy, naturally boosts the immune system, aids in preventing depression, improves bone health including the teeth, fights infections, viruses, and colds, improves DNA repair, may reduce the risk of autoimmune disorders, and has capabilities to reduce high blood pressure. Take it Daily!

    Pure Encapsulations L-Glutamine

    Pure Encapsulations Powder L-Glutamine

    L-Glutamine is another favorite of mine and helps with digestion, IBS, gastrointestinal health, helps heal leaky gut and ulcers, improves blood sugar, boosts metabolism and cellular detoxification, cuts sugar and alcohol cravings, and helps with memory, focus, and concentration. This is another MUST on my recommendation list. I use both the L-Glutamine powder and capsule form.

    Acetyl L-Carnitine HCI

    Acetyl L-Carnitine HCI is something I take 3-4 times a day for the overall brain energizing function, and antioxidant health. It also aids in the process of weight loss, chronic fatigue, helps the body convert fat into energy, helps muscle gain, and heart health.

    Pure Encapsulations NAC

    NAC(N-Acetyl Cysteine) is a very potent antioxidant that helps oxidative stress, mental health, endurance and muscle fatigue, chronic bronchitis, liver health, and glutathione levels, detoxifying for heavy metals, and helps kidney health. It helps Thyroid Health and the elimination of toxins in the body from autoimmune diseases.

    Vitamin D3

    Be sure to get tested FIRST with Vitamin D-3 with your doctor, or if you have a known deficiency so you know what strength to use. Mine is higher(5,000-10,000 IU), but I will get tested again to see if those numbers can go lower. Vitamin D-3 goes perfectly with Vitamin K-2 below. I take them together every day.

    Vitamin K-2

    Vitamin K-2 is awesome for your bone, cardiovascular, and nervous system health, and it absorbs perfectly taken with Vitamin D-3. Vitamin K-2 supports proper calcium metabolism.


    Ashwagandha should be added to the top lists that I have for Thyroid and overall health. Ashwagandha is an adaptogen herb that helps the body adapt to stress. It is extremely beneficial for your thyroid health and to balance hormones. It is also correlated with increasing white blood cells within the body boosting your immune system and giving you Energy! Yay! I absolutely recommend this wonderful herb.

    Licorice Root

    Chinese Licorice Root has been used for 1000’s of years. It is awesome for everything! A few include helping adrenal fatigue, mood swings, your immune system, leaky gut symptoms, heartburn or indigestion, sore throats, great for hair growth and health, helps brighten your skin, helps PMS/Menopause, and used for overall pain relief. WOW! I love this root.

    Turmeric Strength for Whole Body

    Turmeric has been used in ancient medicine for over 4000 Years. It has plant-based antioxidants that help protect cells against oxidative stress, supports cardiovascular health, and supports helps with joint inflammation and pain. This one is a must!!

    Omega-3 Fish Oil

    You need this one every day! Omega-3 fatty acids have so many benefits including support for heart health, brain development, eyes, joint pain, and benefits your overall immune system.

    Fermented Probiotics

    The Fermented Probiotics are the best in my opinion, and these are the BEST! They are a 3-year fermented food supplement with prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics. They help maintain healthy digestion, a healthy gut PH, promotes nutrient absorption, promotes a positive mood and has brain-gut communication benefits. I love these probiotics and they come highly recommended. No refrigeration required.


    Collagen is fabulous for your skin, nails and hair growth. It helps keep your bones strong and healthy and supports joint health. I use it every day in my smoothie, or coffee/tea. It is flavorless and dissolves quickly. Gluten and Dairy Free. Check it out!


    Biotin is awesome for support with healthy hair growth, strong nails, and glowing skin. It contains coconut, so if you have allergies with tree nuts/coconut then try the collagen. Biotin is B-Vitamin necessary for cell growth and energy metabolism.

    Below are some Wonderful Books and will help and Benefit your Emotions, Hormones, and Thyroid. Must Read: Thyroid Healing is at the top of the list!! It shed so much light on everything about Thyroid Diseases and Autoimmune. They are all incredible books…. Enjoy!

    Mood Cure

    Thyroid Healing

    Life Changing Foods

    Cooking for Hormone Balance


    Everyday Health

    B-Complex Vitamin Benefits

    Glutathione Benefits

    Supplement Info

    I absolutely LOVE and recommend all of the supplements I mentioned, and they have ALL boosted and helped my thyroid and balanced my hormones along with a balanced healthy diet and nutrition to nourish my body. We only have one body that we live in, so we need to treat it with respect and love. Always think along the lines of fueling your body with what it truly needs to nourish it. We are all so different, and there is not one perfect pill, or type of food to consume to make it a quick fix for our thyroid. The supplements I mentioned today can definitely help it along.  *Please see Disclaimer below and check with your doctor first before taking supplements. I am not a doctor or healthcare professional, and these are just suggestions and what has worked for me. Thank you! Enjoy~

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    p.s. eat more veggies and plants🌱🥕⁣

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    ⚡️DM me your email for waitlist so you don’t miss out on the badass early bonuses👉🏻📧💌 (sign up avl soon)⁣

    16 1

    Are YOU having low Energy? Are your sleep cycles off lately and you feel your adrenals are maxed out? I got you, girl. ⁣

    I have some of these things going on lately. What can it be? For me👉🏻My monthly cycle & added PMS, not eating 100% clean, and my sleep cycles are whacked out because I am up in the middle of night a lot lately with my sweet dog(and the full moon lol).⁣

    When all these things are going on at the same time, what worked for me is taking a step back and looking at the root cause of each thing, assessing, and writing down everything that I am doing and NOT doing right now. ⁣
    Tips to try👇🏻⁣
    1. Keep a Food Log for a week⁣
    2. Look at Hydration Levels ⁣
    3. Look at stress levels-what is causing the stress and why?⁣
    4. Do I move my body regularly?⁣

    Those 4 things are the most important. Then assess and flip the switch on all of them. #mindsetshift ⁣
    Make a Habits List that you can stick to and start with 1 at a time and make it a non-negotiable. ⁣

    You are pretty F fantastic and you deserve to feel amazing every single day. ⁣

    Don’t Forget👉🏻Grab Your Thyroid Hacks at: jenbaucom.com/thyroid-hacks ⁣


    10 2

    Do you have a thyroid setback or deficiency? Do you experience fatigue? ⁣
    Not having the energy to even get up is scary. I was there. I had to work at it daily and start small. Baby steps is key.⁣

    When you workout or move your body what is your favorite? Walking? Yoga? Pilates? Lifting weights? Tai Chi? ⁣

    Those are all amazing, but do you really enjoy what you are doing? You have to love it. It isn’t something you dread everyday if you truly connect with it. ⁣

    Have you ever tried cycling? I have had a bike since I was little, and never stopped loving it. It’s fun, competitive sometimes and your energy is through the roof!⁣

    Cycling is great for weight + fat loss, daily body movement, extra vitamin D (when outdoors) and so much fun to explore both road and mountain biking. Trails, local rides, charity races... it is a blast!! I am hooked for life!!⁣

    The most fun is either bringing bikes with on a trip or renting bikes the whole time to explore. You see so much on a bike! We have taken our bikes to key west several times or rent them and ride the whole time to check out different hot spots to eat, go to the beach or just hang out locally and ride everywhere! ⁣

    Check out my blog post for more information on this at: jenbaucom.com/lose-weight-cycling or (link in bio and find article under blog)⁣

    What is your favorite thing about riding a bike if you have one, or ride regularly👇🏻 tell me in comments 👇🏻🚴‍♀️⁣

    20 2

    Perfection 🥑⁣
    What do you eat for breakfast? ⁣

    Did you know healthy fats + protein are both super awesome to start with? ⁣
    Having high fat and protein for breakfast sets you up for a successful day so you are super energized ⚡️⚡️ and shed the lbs faster!⁣

    This combo in the am also helps your thyroid and hormones from cravings and spikes in your cortisol. ⁣

    I drink a ton of h2o + lemon first thing(1 .5 liters) then green juice. Next is usually a protein shake with organic protein powder, 1/2 avocado, handful of greens, maca root powder, cacao powder, flax and L-Glutamine. Don’t forget the unsweetened coconut milk(I use water instead of coc milk days) YUM! ⁣

    What’s your breakfast fav👇🏻 spill it⁣

    Need More Thyroid Support? Let’s do this!⁣
    Join my private fb support group here👉🏻 jenbaucom.com/connect (or link in bio)⁣
    Get on waiting list for Thyroid Ignite 30-Day Transformation(same place as above).⁣
    Want to chat? Book a FREE breakthrough call jenbaucom.as.me (or link above)⁣

    28 3

    I love you. ❤️⁣
    There is a lot going on right now in our world and it’s truly overwhelming. All the hate, racism, prejudice and recent horrifying events that took place with George Floyd (may he Rest In Peace) blew me away. It is absolutely unacceptable and should not be tolerated. ⁣

    I know we don’t have all the answers and might not know what to do, but I do know this👇🏻⁣

    I see you. I feel this pain with you. I’m with you. And I’m listening.⁣

    We need to do better now. We need to stop. We need to listen. We need to own our shit that we have no F clue how this feels. We need to educate ourselves. We need to be there. Period.⁣

    It’s not about me. ⁣
    Uplifting each other, being present, showing sympathy, empathy, love, support & encouragement is what needs to happen. ⁣

    Stop. And LISTEN.⁣

    So I’m here. I hear you. I see you. You matter. And I love you. ⁣


    12 1

    You are A M A Z I N G ⚡️💫✨🌟⁣

    You are badass.⁣
    You are perfect.⁣
    You are a fucking Warrior.⁣

    Don’t forget how important you are. To yourself. You can have it all in your life.⁣
    If you want to feel incredible again- Do it.⁣
    If you want more self-care- Do it.⁣
    If you want a different career- Do it.⁣
    If you want energy again- Do it.⁣
    If you want a different lifestyle- Do it.⁣
    If you want a new circle of friends- Do it.⁣
    You are powerful AF. Your intuition is there to guide you. You feel it. Start using it.⁣

    Your intuition IS your superpower.⁣

    Don’t EVER Settle. Never. ⁣

    Need Thyroid Support? 🦋 I am your girl. ⁣
    Join my support group here👉🏻 jenbaucom.com/connect (or link in bio)⁣
    Get on waiting list for Thyroid Ignite 30-Day Transformation(dame place as above).⁣
    Want to chat? Book a FREE breakthrough call jenbaucom.as.me (or link above)⁣


    13 1

    Carrots are great for your hormones and thyroid🥕🥕🥕 do you enjoy them?⁣

    Carrots have special fibers that bind to toxins that reside in your body(this includes + estrogen) and takes it out safely. How Badass is that??⁣

    More Benefits of Carrots🥕⁣
    Helps Digestion⁣
    Prevents Cancer⁣
    Improves Liver Function⁣
    Detox for Hormones⁣
    Gives you Clearer Skin ⁣
    Helps your Eyesight⁣
    Boosts Immune System⁣
    Relieves PMS⁣
    Balances Gut Flora⁣
    Regulates Blood Sugar⁣

    Do you eat carrots and if so, how do you like them? Shaved carrots in a salad or protein bowl, carrot juice, rainbow carrots in hummus, or just grab and go?⁣
    Check out the easy carrot recipe I found and added in my Thyroid Hacks Checklist👇🏻⁣

    Do this next👉🏻Grab the F*R*E*E Thyroid Hacks + Guide for each Hack! 🦋🔥 (link in bio)🔥⁣
    It is time to wake up your thyroid and skyrocket your energy!! Grab the hacks👇🏻⁣

    27 3

    It is World Thyroid Day ❤️🌎🦋 May 25⁣

    Bringing Global Awareness to all Thyroid Deficiencies, Thyroid Disease, Thyroid Cancer and everything my Thyroid Warriors around the World live with daily. 🦋⁣

    Not many know how important the butterfly-shaped gland in the front of our neck is. Our thyroid hormones regulate vital body functions👉🏻Breathing, Heart Rate, Body Temperature, Muscle Strength, Body Weight, Menstrual Cycles, Cholesterol, & Nervous System. Whoa!⁣

    World Thyroid Day (and every day) is important to spread awareness to share any new information, breakthroughs and medical advances to help people with thyroid disease, thyroid cancer, and all thyroid deficiencies. ⁣

    Here is to May 25th 2020 and 11 years of Global Thyroid Awareness!! Check out www.thyroid.org and www.eurothyroid.com for resources and valuable information.⁣

    60% of people are unaware that they have a thyroid deficiency. Are you 1 of the 20 million people in the US or millions worldwide that live with thyroid disease without knowing ? ⁣
    Check your neck and get tested today! Let me help👇🏻⁣

    Need extra support? ⁣
    Send me a DM. Ask me anything!!⁣
    I have been there and diagnosed with hypothyroidism and PCOS. We are all very different, so you just need the correct plan for YOU!! My new program 🦋🔥Thyroid Ignite🔥🦋 could be perfect for you to start healing ASAP!! Let’s chat.⁣
    Talk soon 🙋🏼‍♀️⁣

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