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    Check out my Super Cool Business The Vintage Bulb LLC which is currently an Etsy Shop Here but moving to our Site soon at

    Also under Home, I will cover blog posts regarding living a non-toxic life using organic products, non-toxic household supplies, and non-toxic skincare. See my Amazon Store here for recommended products.

    There will be a Foodie Section added as well with Healthy Recipes which will include recipes that are all Organic, Plant-Based, Gluten-Free, and Dairy-Free.


    This section will be Blog Posts on everything Family, Friendship & Relationships.


    I will be opening an e-commerce website soon for my Pet Sitting Business called Furever Catz and Pawz LLC and you can see the FB page HERE!

    10 Badass Reasons I Love the Fall Season

    10 Badass Reasons I Love the Fall Season

    10 Badass Reasons Why I Love the Fall Season This site features Affiliate content. See Disclosure.   Autumn. Fall. We finally made it. Today, we are discussing the 10 Badass Reasons Why I Love the Fall Season. Welcome to the absolute best time of the year! We can...

    Jen Baucom

    Hey, I'm Jen! I have been managing thyroid and PCOS hormone imbalances for years. I am on a mission to share my thyroid health and fitness journey and what has worked for me with other rockstar women and help them live their best lives and thrive.


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