5 Effective Fitness Secrets for Hypothyroidism Healing


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Fitness and a hypothyroidism diagnosis can be hard to deal with when you put them together. I get it. 

You currently have:

  • Brain Fog
  • Extreme Fatigue
  • Joint Pain
  • Sleepless nights
  • Weight Gain

The many symptoms that come along with hypothyroidism are real, but staying in discomfort and confusion doesn’t have to be.

Below, we’ll look at the 5 effective fitness secrets that will hypothyroidism and how to heal so you can feel amazing and take the action steps to stay that way.

Fitness Secret #1 – STRENGTH TRAINING

Strength Training is my absolute favorite. Your thyroid and body need daily fitness. Your body was made for movement. I do a variety of different workouts, but lifting + strength training is what pushed me at the beginning of my healing process and gave me daily motivation, inspiration, energy, and weight loss of 40 + pounds.

I feel like a new person. I absolutely love lifting weights and getting stronger, and if you have hypothyroidism with ongoing symptoms, starting here first is imperative. It is low impact, and not on the high cardio list.

Strength training will change everything for you. I started with dumbbells first on my weight training journey, and I still use them on a daily basis. I use all the sizes for different workouts which include 5 lb, 10 lb, 15 lb, 20 lb, 25 lb, and 30 lb weights. I purchased mine after buying a few at local sporting good stores.

Dumbbells that Rock

Kettlebells are fantastic as well, and you can build some solid strength using them regularly. There are countless workouts online on how to use kettlebells and I will link a few here. Here are the Kettlebells I use and love.


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Fitness Secret #2 – YOGA/PILATES

Yoga and Pilates are LIFE. So is movement, and we need to be moving our bodies all the time. When you have thyroid and hormone imbalances, yoga and pilates are perfect to do on a daily basis, and you will see excellent results. The key here is low impact.

It is great for muscle building, toning, flexibility, weight loss, and strength. It is also coupled perfectly with pilates. I love looking for new local classes, and online courses as well. I found Yoga with Adriene online and she is fabulous! Her 30-day Home series on YouTube is incredible. She offers so many amazing yoga classes online and she also has a monthly membership.

With yoga practice it is endless. My favorite types of yoga workouts include Tabata yoga, barre yoga, and full-body power yoga.

I use Robin Long with Lindywell for my pilates workouts online. She is incredible.  See The membership details here for more information She is amazing and she shoots all her videos on the beach so it is super zen when you are practicing your pilates. I love it so much! If you do get a chance, take a local class because you can get so much out of it actually being present with others and practicing fully in the moment.

Check it out here! Lindywell

Fitness Secret #3 – CYCLING

I could write about cycling all day long. I love to ride my bike. It has saved my life, and my overall fitness many times over, and it is the best workout you will ever complete. Did you ever ride your bike as a child? I was ALWAYS riding. I got my first Schwinn Bike when I was a little human. banana seat and all!

Cycling is the best form of exercise because you are fully moving your body. There is nothing like it. After a good workout, you will feel it everywhere. Arms, legs, ankles, your core, and your breathing will be tested on major climbs. I feel so alive and it gives me tons of beautiful ENERGY for hours!! It brings me so much joy, a slimmer physique, improved balance, and a more strengthened core.

If you are riding your bike indoors on a trainer, or outdoors with your family, they are both incredible for your mind, body, and soul. I bought a Wahoo KickR Bike Trainer and I ride every single day either indoors on the trainer, or outdoors in the sunshine.

I have been training and back on my road bike for several years now and it feels amazing to be here again.

If you are on the fence about cycling, trust me and try it out. Also, there are road bikes and mountain bikes, they are two very different bikes, and experiences. Rent a bike locally first, and see how you feel. You will get addicted to it. I will answer any questions you have, and point you in the right direction for recommendations on cycling gear, clothing, bikes, helmets, and bike trainers.

#Ride On

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Fitness Secret #4 – WALKING

Let’s face it, Walking is incredible for your body. We are all meant to MOVE. All the time!! When you have thyroid issues, this is a great place to start (besides strength training). I love all 3, which include walking, jogging, and running. Full Body Movement. You will get toned in a very short amount of time, so it is pretty awesome!

Speed Walking. Jogging. Light Running. I try to run or jog 1 mile a day. They are all incredible for you, and for me personally it skyrockets my energy, my clarity, focus and sets me up for a successful day of taking serious action with my businesses. When you lead a super busy lifestyle with work, family, and fur kids, this exercise regime is perfect! Another Bonus Secret is to move your body before meals for about 10-15 minutes and after meals for about the same or up to 20 minutes. You will see real results if you do this on the daily, and your steps or time will increase for the day. 10,000 steps equal 5 miles. It’s a Win-Win!

What truly got me started with walking and tracking my steps per day was purchasing a Fitbit. I absolutely love my Versa and it is something like this one below(Mine is Black). They are fabulous, and you can track your steps, heart rate, monthly periods, sleep cycles, and you can add workouts, log daily water intake, food and join communities, add friends and join fun challenges. Fitbits are great! I absolutely adore mine, and it never comes off. Check them out!!

Fitness Secret #5 – TABATA

GOT TABATA? This is my absolute Favorite workout next to Strength Training that will get you results FAST! And when I say Fast, I mean it. Tabata workouts can Rock your World in 4 minutes!!! Do you have 4 minutes to scroll your IG? Yes, my sweet girl, you do. So you have 4 minutes to ROCK this workout!

Did you know the original HIIT workouts were first called TABATA? HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training. The Tabata style was developed by Japanese professor Dr. Izumi Tabata. He trained Olympic speed skaters and came up with the HIIT by following this system: 20 seconds of super intense work and 10 seconds rest. Repeat for 8 rounds.

That’s it! You can use the example of bicep curls or squats. 4 minutes total. Go as hard as you can for the 20 seconds, getting your heart rate up, and then rest for 10 seconds immediately after. The super-short rest intervals force your body to keep going before it recovers from the previous set. To reap the full benefits, you have to GO HARD! They are both super important, so do BOTH perfectly!

You will see how everything changes after that. Your energy will shoot through the roof, your mindset and attitude will change immediately, and your toned physique will put you in a place for SUCCESS!

There are many awesome benefits of trying Tabata or a HIIT Workout and sticking with it long term. Benefits include much improved cardiovascular health, increased metabolism, increased calorie burn, fat loss, lower blood pressure, and overall muscle mass.

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What did you think of the 5 secrets to fitness for hypothyroidism healing? These workouts really DO work and will change your life.

Moving your body is very important, and you WILL get results if you keep doing it. I will help you get there. I lost 40 lbs + and I am just getting started! If you want more information and want a customized plan, book a call with me for an Accelerated Energy Session HERE! Let’s see if we are a good fit!

Also, my new program Wake the F Up! will get you on the fast track to SUCCESS! I am so incredibly excited about this and want you to get results now. Are you ready? Let’s do this!

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