The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit Review for 2019

The Genius Blogger Toolkit 2019 is back and available from October 2 – 7 2019.  You only have 6 days only. I am announcing this amazing bundle here first. Are you ready to Start your Blog and have massive success in a short time? Are you Ready for this incredible Toolkit to transform your Life? You are in the perfect place my friend. The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit is offered once a year in October. It is only available Wednesday, October 2nd through Monday, October 7th 2019.

Let’s Dive in and check out my honest review for 2019. I bought it and have been checking out all the crazy awesome value offered this year! It is truly mind blowing. It is the absolute best purchase you could make with blogging courses this year. When I say courses, I mean TONS OF STUFF!

It might be a little overwhelming since there is so much content to consume, but overall there are some serious Blogger Powerhouses in this bundle, and the price is amazing for all the value you get. New Bloggers definitely need to consider buying it because everything you need to know as a New Blogger and Entrepreneur are in these courses, eBooks, guides, and videos. All the prices will go back to their separate pricing once this special is over. Jump in and GET IT NOW!

Your success is inevitable.

What is in the 2019 Genius Blogger’s Toolkit?

This year’s Genius Blogger’s Toolkit Bundle has 26 eBooks, 55 online courses and 19 + resources plus printables on how to start (and grow) an email list, monetize your blog, make incredible pin-worthy graphics, handle the technical and legal side of having a blogging empire and everything you could want to know on social media marketing, branding and affiliate marketing. It is 97% off for 6 days only.

The total value of these tools if you bought them separately is $7,395.27. WHAT!? But if you buy this bundle within the next week you can get it all for only $97 (97% discount!)

Here is the individual breakdown of everything included in the bundle:

Affiliate Marketing (5 products worth $222.99)

  • Affiliate Promo Prep (eCourse) by Matt McWilliams $97.00
  • Amazon Affiliate Affluence: How to Make Money as an Amazon Affiliate (eBook) by Dale Persons $25.00
  • Gift Guides Creation (eCourse) by Tracy Lynn $34.00
  • How to Earn Income as a Christian Blogger on Black Friday and Cyber Monday (eBook) by Sara Borgstede $19.99
  • Affiliate Marketing, Simplified! (eCourse) by Catherine Rosales $47.00

Beyond Blogging (3 products worth $384.97)

  • Non-Fiction Book Proposal Template (eBook) by Becky Kopitzke
  • Virtual Assistant Jumpstart: How I Went From $0 to $3000 In Three Months (eCourse) by Alexandrea Harrelson $297.00
  • You Can Sit With Us! A Female Entrepreneur’s Guide to Online Networking (eBook) by Holly Isaacson $7.97

Branding (4 products worth $106.94)

  • Impact (eCourse) by Faith Mariah $49.00
    If you’ve ever felt scared to be visible or nervous to speak your truth this course is for you.
  • Simply Branded (Workbook) by Amanda Garvin $27.00
  • The Authentic Blog Project (eBook) by Hannah Rinaldie $24.99
  • The Happy Creative (Workbook) by Laura Orlando $5.95

Building Your Blog (7 products worth $1234.00)

  • Become a Blog Boss (eCourse) by Lynne G. Caine $497.00
  • Bloggers’ Secrets (eCourse) by Kelan & Brittany Kline $497.00
  • Building Your Profitable Blog (eBook) by Emma Quay $28.00
  • Elementor for Bloggers (eCourse) by Pete McPherson $39.00
  • Pop & Sizzle Websites: Guide to WordPress & Divi Theme (eCourse) by Julia McPherson $97.00
  • Sales Page Starter (eCourse) by Emma Bates $29.00
  • WordPress 5.0 Masterclass (eCourse) by Bob Lotich $47.00

Content Creation & Promotion (5 products worth $205.00)

  • Content Creation 101 (eCourse) by Crystal Paine $37.00
  • Content Strategy Toolkit for Service Based Businesses (eCourse) by Jocelyn Kopac $97.00
  • Cranking Out Quality: A Blogger’s Guide to Crushing Content Creation (eBook) by Heather O’Donnell $27.00 
  • One Year Content Planner: Blog & Social Media Planning Workbook (Workbook) by Laurie Cosgrove $17.00
  • Promote Your Content (eBook) by Tonia Kendrick $27.00

Creating & Selling Products (6 products worth $695.00)

  • eBook Bestseller Bootcamp: The Ultimate Self-Publishing Course For Bloggers (eCourse) by Ana Savuica $197.00
  • Create Your Perfect Opt in Freebie, in Four Simple Steps (eCourse) by Vanessa Ryan $97.00
  • Premier Your Course Idea (eCourse) by Katie Hornor
  • The Creative Side Hustle Manual (eBook) by Elizabeth Emery $27.00
  • The Printables Playbook (eCourse) by Jayleen Creates $10.00
  • Tripwire 101 For Bloggers: Start Making Money With Your Blog (eCourse) by Saira Perl $67.00

Design (4 products worth $228.00)

  • 100 Professional & Beautiful Stock Photos (Photos) by Emma Drew $37.00
  • Design Like a Pro with Canva (eCourse) by Jada Aloisio $47.00
  • Designing With Typography (eCourse) by Kimi Kinsey $97.00
  • Graphic Design for Bloggers: Design Principles for Online Marketing (eCourse) by Kara Fidd $47.00

Email Marketing (7 products worth $481.95)

  • Email List Building Crash Course (Workbook) by Beyond Basic Blogging $7.00
  • Email Writing Secrets (eBook) by Kerry Beck $9.95
  • List Building Insanity (eCourse) by Brianna Berner $97.00
  • List by Number (eCourse) by Suzi Whitford $57.00
  • Smart Email List Building (eCourse) by Rachel Newcomb $47.00
  • Supercharge Your Marketing (eBook) by Lori Riddle $197.00
  • The Digital Marketer’s Quickstart Guide to Profitable Funnels (eCourse) by Cindy Bidar $67.00

Facebook & Twitter (4 products worth $261.99)

    • 101 Prompts for an Engaged Facebook Group (eBook) by Karen Shopoff Rooff $4.99
      FB Ads for Affiliate Offers: Boost your Affiliate Earnings with a Brilliant Ads Strategy (eCourse) by Beth Anne Schwamberger $79.00
    • How To Grow Your Blogging Income Through Facebook Ads (eCourse) by Jessica Festa $149.00
    • Twitter Training for Direct Sales: Small Business and Blogging Success (eCourse) by Joni Kinney $29.00

Finance & Legalese (5 products worth $212.99)

  • Affiliate Terms and Conditions Template and Disclosure Swipe Copy (Template) by Elizabeth Stapleton $98.00
  • Blog Budget Spreadsheet (Template) by Lena Gott $37.00
  • Privacy Policy Template (eCourse) by Lucrezia Iapichino $47.00
    The Blogger’s Finance Workshop (eCourse) by Elizabeth Harrin $27.00
  • The Blogger’s Simple Guide to Taxes: A Guide to Saving Time and Money (eBook) by Sarah Korhnak $3.99

Get Started (6 products worth $680.00)

  • Blog To Biz Blueprint (eBook) by Janica Khemlani-Briongos $37.00
  • Goodbye 9 to 5 (eCourse) by Sagan Morrow $199.00
  • Intentional Blog (eCourse) by Jeff Goins $197.0
  • Kickstart Your Blog (eCourse) by Raelyn Tan $97.00
  • Start a Blog the Right Way (eCourse) by Anna Sokyrka $97.00
  • Work from Home Made Easy: Business Plan Bundle (Workbook) by Claudia Garbutt $53.00
    Instagram (4 products worth $227.50)
  • Authentic Instagram Engagement (eCourse) by Ruthie Gray $75.00
  • Gram Gorgeous: My Favorite Apps for Getting Creative on Instagram (eBook) by Andi Eaton $26.50
  • Instagram Content System (eCourse) by Helene Sula $99.00
  • Instagram Sales Funnel Challenges (eCourse) by Lauren Lambie $27.00

Monetization (4 products worth $221.97)

  • A Blog Flipping Masterclass: How To Develop & Sell Your Blog For Profit (eCourse) by Chelsea Clarke $127.00
  • Moving from Popular to Profitable (Workshop) by Talaat & Tai McNeely $47.00
  • Creative Cash (eBook) by Joelle Byrne $10.98
  • Small Blog, Big Income: One Niche Blogger’s 7-Step Success Formula (eBook) by Carol Tice $27.00
  • The Ultimate Guide to Selling a Blog: How to Sell Your Blog for Six Figures and Be Your Own Broker (eBook) by Carrie Smith Nicholson $9.99

Pinterest (7 products worth $440.00)

  • Explosive Traffic with Tribes (eBook) by Maria Juvakka
  • Manual Pinning Simplified (eBook) by Kyla Sims $34.00
  • Next Level Pin Designs: Everything you need to design NEXT LEVEL Pinterest Pins for FREE in Canva (eCourse) by Nadalie Bardo $49.00
  • Photoshop Pinterest Pin Templates (Templates) by Carly Campbell
  • Pin Practical Influence (eCourse) by Monica Froese $197.00
  • Pinsider Secrets: Strategies To Launch A Brand New Pinterest Account (eBook) by McKinzie Bean $27.00
  • The Pinterest Studio (eCourse) by Katie Grazer

Podcasting & Vlogging (5 products worth $158.98)

  • Live Streaming 101: Start Live Streaming with Knowledge and Confidence (eCourse) by Vicky Lashenko $47.00
  • Plan Your Podcast Playbook (eBook) by Robyn Roste $7.99
  • Podcast Launch Toolkit (eCourse) by Jenny Suneson $47.00
  • Podcasting for Bloggers (eBook) by Kara Carrero $9.99
  • YouTube TakeOff Quick-Start Course: How to Start a Channel with a Growth Trajectory (eCourse) by Jennifer Maker $47.00

Productivity & Organization (6 products worth $257.00)

  • #GSD with ClickUp (eCourse) by Lindsey Aleson $97.00
  • Believe, Plan, Act: A Platform + Productivity Planner for Writers (Workbook) by Kimberley Grabas $37.00
  • Get Chaos Organized for Mom Bloggers (eCourse) by Kristine Beaves
  • Live that 300 Tabs Life: A Workona Chrome Course for Tab Addicts (eCourse) by Elizebeth Gidley $27.00
  • Piece of Cake: 42 Simple Systems For Your Business (eBook) by Mel Smith
    The Ultimate Monthly Blog Planner (Printable) by Cassie Scroggins

SEO & Traffic (9 products worth $787.99)

    • Boost Your Blog Traffic: 50 Strategic Steps to Increase Traffic To Your Website and Make It A Success (eCourse) by Frances Vidakovic $47.00
    • Health and Wellness Bloggers NEED to Know (eCourse) by Leesa Klich $110.00
    • ROI Action Plan: Where to Focus Your Time to Make the Most Money When You Have Limited Time (eCourse) by Caroline Vencil $47.00
    • SEO Playbook for Bloggers (eBook) by Niki Robinson $49.00
    • Social Boom (eCourse) by Ruth Soukup $297.00
    • The Beginner’s 40 Day Action Plan for SEO Success (eBook) by Sarah Hardee $9.99
    • The Blogging Machine (eCourse) by Sandra Clayton $199.00
    • The Secret Sauce to Skyrocketing Your Blog Traffic (eBook) by Angela Mary Vaz $29.00

Tech & Support (3 products worth $588.00)

  • Blogger’s Glitterati VIP Hub: 12 Month Membership (Membership Site) by Sasha Lassey $444.00 
  • Blogging Camp (eCourse) by Julie Chickery, Liz Wilcox, Lindsay McKenzie & Camille Attell $97.00
  • Tech Made Easy (eCourse) by Julie Chickery $47.00

Genius Blogger’s Toolkit Bonuses

  • FREE 2 MONTHS Shaker subscription from Podia, $158 value
  • TWO MONTHS FREE from Convert Kit, $58
  • FREE 2-month Unlimited Subscription from Stencil, $40 value 
  • $45 off of Tailwind for Pinterest or Instagram from Tailwind App, $45 value
  • FREE Site Scan + Content Audit Statistical Report (with a $7 processing fee) from The Blog Fixer, $115 value
  • FIVE FREE FONTS from The Hungry JPEG, $22


WOW!!! You will get Lifetime Access to all the products once you order the bundle today! (more info for 2023-2024 coming soon)


I purchased the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit last year as well, and the insane value I received was so incredible I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY! Grab Yours Now!! updated information for 2023 and 2024 coming soon!


genius bloggers toolkit 2019 check it out! it is back! October 2nd through October 7th 2019



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