10 Badass Reasons You will Lose Weight Cycling


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Are you ready to get in the best shape of your life? Let’s discuss cycling and 10 Badass Reasons you will lose weight effortlessly while having a blast!


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Cycling is the best exercise for you.

Riding your bike is something you have always done since you were a little human, right? If you didn’t have your own, you would borrow one of your friend’s bikes and ride everywhere. You might have stopped riding, moved away, sold your bike, or whatever, but somehow you always make it back! I sure did!

Cycling is a low impact exercise (or high impact if you want to step it up) and without even realizing it, you can burn some serious fat and calories! And it’s so much FUN!! You missed it didn’t you? I know. Me too!

Ok, I know you want to know more so let’s check out these badass reasons you will lose weight cycling and love every minute of it! woohoo!!

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It will become a Non-Negotiable in your Life.

For me, it was instant love for cycling. I have ridden a bike since I was a little girl. Banana Seat and all! As an adult, I loved road bikes and mountain bikes so I bought both. Now in the winter months or when I just want to cycle indoors, I connect Zwift(a virtual cycling program) to my Wahoo KickR Bike Trainer using my road bike. Hooked for life!

I lost the extra weight I couldn’t get off my body for years, and I became more fit coupling it with yoga, strength training, and HIIT. It rocks! I made it a non-negotiable in my life and ride 20 miles a day no matter what. This keeps me accountable as well. It absolutely works.

You Burn Calories and Fat Quickly.

Without even trying you can burn major calories and fat cycling. Depending on your heart rate, speed, resistance, and distance that you ride you can burn from 300-600 calories an hour. I ride 20-25 miles a day, and my last ride was 21.79 miles and I burned 609 calories. Whew!

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You Move your Body A lot.

You move more than you think you do when you are riding a bike. Yes, you are using mostly leg strength because you are pumping your legs constantly, but you do use your arms and body too.

If you venture out and try mountain biking you use every part of your body while riding because you are riding fast through trees, woods, sand, trails, and you will be battling tree roots. It is more challenging, but so much fun!

You Join Local Rides and Charity Races

Whether it is locally, a planned bike trip with friends, or an international ride, you will join a ton of rides and races when you start cycling. There are so many out there it is unreal. We joined a Gran Fondo ride hosted by George Hincapie in our hometown of Greenville, and it is super popular.

Google your Favs and sign up for some cool stuff this year! You will be addicted to fitness and lose pounds super fast. For outdoors I added a Wahoo Element GPS Bike Computer to track my cadence, miles, time, average MPH, distance, and calories. It is a must for riding outdoors.

You turned the Daily Habit into a Lifestyle.

Have you ever heard of the 21/90 rule? It takes 21 days to create a habit, and 90 days to create a lifestyle. I started using this rule system several years ago when I was working on my fitness and thyroid health and it stuck. You can do this. 21 days is only 3 weeks!

Start with one thing you want to change or try differently. Stick to it for those 21 days and see how you feel. Has your mood uplifted? Do you feel really good and energized? Do you have less stress, breakdowns, or sarcasm with others? Happiness, joy, and feeling sexy will become your normal and you will keep doing it. BOOM. Your lifestyle has completely changed.

You tell your friends and family how awesome it is.

It’s not all about exercise. Truth bomb. Most people hate committing to exercise and knowing they have a workout they need to complete it ends up looming over them like a dark cloud, and then it doesn’t end up happening at all.

But with cycling, you are truly passionate about it. You feel amazing. You love being outside and taking in Vitamin D, nature, and exploring different scenery. You tell your friends and family about it and what you have been taking in and seeing. They join in the fun too and well, exercise…..AND they lose weight with you!

You enjoy road, mountain, cyclo-cross, and beach cycling.

There are so many choices and bikes to try out with different types of components for different types of cycling workouts. Some can be challenging, and some are so fun and relaxing.

We all love riding our bikes near the beach or in a super casual environment right? It is super chill and so much fun.

We go to Key West, FL every few years and rent bikes the whole time we are on the island. We don’t drive at all. It is so much fun and you can really see so much more doing this.

It is a Social Thing.

People love to be outdoors and do fun things with friends and family. Cycling is perfect for this and it is a super social sport. We originally moved to the Greenville area because it was a cycling community and a healthy lifestyle city. You are more likely to keep up with your routine if you have a workout buddy or someone to ride with.

Most cities have awesome cycling clubs and local rides that happen on a regular basis. Joining a weekday, night, or weekend ride makes it really fun to connect with others. Also, many cycling apps have their own cycling clubs, and this includes Strava.

It is a blast and you can log your workouts and cheer people on to give them daily kudos. I am loving it and it is a huge motivator. The perfect way to hold yourself accountable is a connection with others.

You can take it Inside.

This one saved my Life! Many indoor cycling apps like Zwift have wonderful virtual cycling courses, races, and tours to try and join. I am obsessed with it and I use it every single day. You will never get bored, and if you couple it with a bike trainer, you are unstoppable! I use the Wahoo Kickr Snap Bike Trainer.

You simply change your Nutrition with it.

This should be #1! Your Nutrition and eating habits will change when you start cycling and you will match it with your workouts. You make better choices, you eat cleaner and you feel amazing. You change everything! It is as simple as that.

A Few of my Favs for Brain Energy, Focus, and Clarity

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I have been using the Green Juice for 3+ years and it is incredible. Tons of nutrients, superfoods and they give you loads of energy, focus, and healthy life! All the products are incredible. Use my Code JBAUCOM15 for 15% OFF!

Check out this blog post page for all the products I personally use and recommendations on supplements, juices, and my store The Best Version of Her Shop for Nutrition, Supplements, Books, Shake options, Juicing Options, and all my Product Favs! You will love it!!


Just Start

I know that might be easy to say. But just start. Buy a bike. Join a gym. Find local areas to rent a bike. Borrow a bike from friends or family members. You will get obsessed and want to keep riding daily. Your body will change. Your energy is on a new level. You get fit and find some really cool local rides you want to do. You find a new charity ride. You make new friends. It is endless.

Just Start. But once you do, you will never go back. It will become a part of your life forever.

Buy a Heart Rate Monitor

It is true if you increase your heart rate you burn more calories and fat. This will usually get you to your ideal weight loss goal. You also want to lower your resting heart rate and maintain a healthy heart. Your resting heart rate will become lower as you improve your fitness. Cycling more and pushing yourself on every ride will make your heart muscles stronger.

If you have thyroid disease or hypothyroidism it can get tricky. I am addressing this in another blog post on how to monitor your heart rate closely during workouts. Start with one of my thyroid programs first before you begin any vigorous workouts. I will add more information to this topic soon.

I recently bought my own Wahoo TickrFit Heart Rate Monitor and use it on my indoor and outdoor rides. It is an armband heart rate monitor. I absolutely love it and it gives you all kinds of useful data that you really need to know. Grab yours below!

I hope you enjoyed the reasons you will lose weight cycling and having fun at the same time. I am SUPER passionate about cycling (road and mountain so far) and I hope you get out there and love it too!

Drop me a message if you enjoyed this read and please share it with your friends.

Positive Vibes Always. xo


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