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Today we are discussing the ways to supercharge your fitness AND your business. Coupled together will lead you straight to Success.


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You already had transformations happen in your life this year. Maybe with your health, fitness, career, or personally. But it doesn’t hang around for long does it?

You are super high vibe for a month or two, then it drops off. You want those familiar feelings to come back and keep you safe. You don’t need to workout. You are good. It’s ok not to continue your fitness to gain that energy you desperately need. No big deal, right?

WRONG. It is a big deal, and so are you. We are not doing that this time. Nothing amazing is created inside your comfort zone. Time for a meeting with your highest self. She is not having it. You already made it happen. All you need is to use the law of attraction and mindset tools daily and stay there for total success in your life. It just takes practice to master your mind, body, and soul. The key is to KEEP DOING IT.

Let’s Dive into the things that will Supercharge both your Fitness and Business below so you can get started ASAP!

Retrain your Brain and Mindset.

Transformation starts here. Before you can transform or change, you need to do the inner mindset work. Meditating. Journaling. Visualization. Working one-on-one with a coach. Retraining your brain and your subconscious to work with you and dump the limiting beliefs and replace them with empowering ones.

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Mindset Tools to Retrain your Brain

Make it a Non-Negotiable.

I started setting a goal for myself halfway through the year. The goal was absolutely putting my fitness first, and making it a non-negotiable. No matter what, I set a goal to ride my bike 20 miles every single day. Yes, sometimes there would be one day off, and those days would be yoga or resting my muscles completely. It paid off. Add it to your schedule and the habit will turn into a new lifestyle.

Stay Accountable with your Fitness Journey and Start a Blog.

supercharge your fitness and business and start a blog check it out at

The best way to keep your fitness journey alive and exciting is to keep doing it. Staying accountable is the next step and it will make it the most enjoyable experience you ever have in your life. You will get results.

Next, put the fitness and business together and Start a Blog for accountability. It is an awesome way to document your fitness journey and everything you have accomplished along the way. The possibilities and what you can do with your blog are endless. How exciting is that!!


Turn it into a Business.

This is where it gets really good. You can blog about anything you want. You can help other people heal with the journey you are walking through. You can monetize your blog and make a monthly income. You are in control. Time to Build your Empire.

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Help others find their way.

Help others on their fitness journey too. Do a workout schedule together, plan ahead for the week and mark it in your calendars as an appointment and a non-negotiable so you both stick to it.

Use an app, Fitbit, watch or some type of tracking to document your progress. Keeping accountability with a friend, family member or significant other is everything.

Find your True Soul Passion.

So many doors can and will open for you when you let go of the fear and try things that light you up. They have always been there. Take the leap into the unknown and watch your soul passion emerge. I did exactly this and never looked back.

It all started with me wanting to get my life back with my health and fitness. Once that was healed and I received results, everything started coming together using The Law of Attraction.

Start with YOU. You have to want to change. Once you make the decision, it is already done. Just step into your higher self and live from that place. Once you do this, the true magic happens.

Dive into your mental, physical and spiritual toolbox HERE and take yourself to a new level of success.

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stay accountable with your fitness and business and start a blog today check it out at #stayaccountable #startablog #businesstips



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