The Secret to Optimal Thyroid Health


    Today we are discussing the Secret to Optimal Thyroid Health and how to stay there successfully.


    What is your Thyroid Story? Mine is Here.


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    You are tired. I get it, girl. Overworked, everything around you is super stressful, and you’re not getting enough sleep. Everything out there regarding Health and Fitness is overwhelming, to say the least, and you just want to have a plan and feel better. That’s it. You want this. The Secret to Optimal Thyroid Health.

    I have many secrets and tips that I have learned to gain back Optimal Health and Fitness. I have Hypothyroidism and PCOS. I was diagnosed for both at different times through blood tests. I have all the symptoms and then some. I don’t think we will ever know the real truth from some doctors since my hypothyroid results were given to me via a letter in the mail. It can take years to find the right doctor so never stop looking.

    Endocrinologists are hard to find. I never found one to this day that is present or acts like they hear my story. It is sad. I am almost there, and currently, visit an integrative medical practice that has more holistic and natural practices.

    I mostly have appointments with the nurse practitioners. I will take what I can get, and they are very helpful and really do listen to your needs.

    There are so many secrets to getting optimal health when it is connected to your Thyroid. I am sharing 4 secret tips to Optimal Thyroid Health that got me back to enjoying a happy and healthy life.

    They are ALL absolutely crucial in gaining clarity, focus, and true understanding of what you personally have going on. We are all so very different. No two people have exactly the same body, symptoms, or game plan. Are you Ready? Let’s dive in and get you the answers.

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    Secret To Optimal Thyroid Health – Tip #1


    The 1st Secret to Optimal Thyroid Health is to Track your Temperature. Don’t get out of bed just yet, my girl. Have a thermometer on your bedside table and take it BEFORE you Rise UP for the Day. Do it every day, then get an average at the end of the week. Hypothyroid People with a low functioning thyroid have super low temps. It is a FACT. A really good range to be in for your temperature is 98.0 degrees F to 99.7 degrees F. I always had between 93-95 degrees F for my temps. Low, Low, Low! I use this temperature tracker.

    Keep tracking it and work on this daily. What happens? When you follow all of these tips, you see results and your temperature will rise. This means your thyroid function will improve, your energy will say woooooo hooooo, and your metabolism is sparked up! YES!! Having an increase in your Metabolic Rate is awesome! We all need this to happen, so keep doing this daily and I promise you it will! I have more information on this in my programs to help guide you through the whole process.

    Secret To Optimal Thyroid Health – Tip #2


    When you get up, take that temperature, and then go for the H20 FLOW. Time to drink up, buttercup. Before Green Juice, Before your Herbal Tea, before your yummy pre-workout energy drink, and BEFORE your beloved cup of Joe. Earn it. At least 1 Liter in the am. Do you dig it? The bolts of energy you will receive from this water intake will blow your mind. And sometimes we need to blow our own minds, right?

    Do you want glorious, flawless skin? Brighter Eyes? Drinking water first thing in the morning activates your organs. It will flush out all the toxins, and you will Feel super energized all day! Keep drinking all day! We are supposed to drink half of our body weight in ounces a day. Lemon water with ginger is wonderful, or just straight up h20. Make it a Habit, and Enjoy!

    Secret To Optimal Thyroid Health – Tip #3


    MOVEMENT IS LIFE. Enough said. I talk about this all the flipping time. Moving your body. It has to happen.  A Huge Secret to Optimal Thyroid Health! I will never stop talking about it, either. Whether you have a Thyroid deficiency or not, this needs to happen.

    Get up several times a day if you work in an office environment, or at home. It is the fastest way to feel instantly better if you are low, and your energy levels will rise quickly. Want to stay there? Keep doing it. Walking, jogging, yoga, pilates, cycling, hiking, you name it. Form the habits. Set Timers. Get used to doing this. Then, once you keep this up every single day, it becomes second nature and your new LIFESTYLE has been created.

    Consistent is key with your daily workouts. If you aren’t moving your body, GET UP NOW and Move IT! This is everything to get endorphins activated. 3 times a day 15-30 minutes each time for walks. You can also do 4 minute Tabata workouts. See my other Blog posts above for more information on Tabatas. Do a 10 minute, 15 minute, or 20 minute HIIT Workout. Strength Training. You can complete a couple of sets and be golden! Change it up. Get that Vitamin D baby! Make it a fun game with your Fitbit. They ask you to go for a walk sometimes, right? So go DO IT and get your STEPS in for the day!!

    New Here? I also have the following Blogs on Thyroid Energy Tips, Mindset, Hormone Health, and Awesome Workouts to get to Optimal Health and Fitness for your Hormones and Thyroid. Don’t miss them!

    Secret To Optimal Thyroid Health – Tip #4


    The Secret to Optimal Thyroid Health Tip #4 is to Have A Clear Picture of your Nutrition and Meals for the Week. This is a critical thing to your success, and for your Thyroid Health. Plan your Meals out,  and meal prep the weekend before, or hire a company or personal chef to prepare your meals for you. It is also called Elimination Diet. You will not get anywhere without starting here first.

    Elimination Diets remove any foods that you are allergic to, intolerant of, or do not serve you. Some you can bring back in later, and some will never return! Your Body will tell you exactly what you need. We have one beautiful body that we live in. Let’s take good care of it and feel Amazing!

    Remember this: The Best Ab Exercise is 5 Sets of Stop Eating So Much Crap! haha! Just get focused on what is going to help you thrive and Skyrocket that Energy! It is a wonderful idea to first to a pantry check and throw out anything that will hurt your healthy choices and lifestyle. I will do a Live and Pantry Party soon so you can see what is in my pantry, what you can look for, and what needs to GO! It is a great time to check labels and throw out old canned goods, or items that are out of date.

    The Absolute Best Books for your Thyroid Health, Hormone Balance Tips and other supplement recommendations can be found HERE.

    I can send you the perfect grocery list to start with when an Elimination Diet is on your agenda. Roots and Fruits (a.k.a. tons of greens, veggies and fruit) need to be on the top of that list, along with wild-caught fish or grass-fed, pasture-raised meats. Gluten Free, Dairy Free, and Soy Free are what we are looking for.

    This absolutely hands down saved my life taking these things out of my nutrition, but it can take a little time to adjust. Gluten and Soy are in everything! Dairy as well. Avoid all 3 if possible and eliminate them from your diet for at least 3-4 weeks to see where issues arise. There are food alternatives for everything so don’t worry.

    Bone Broth is another wonderful addition to your meal plan, and an important part of gut healing. Homemade Bone Broth is always going to be best, and I can send you a great Bone Broth recipe if you want to start from scratch. Using bones from grass-fed, pasture-raised animals will be the most beneficial for the immune-boosting nutrients, vitamins and amino acids.

    Other brands you can buy pre-made in organic grocery stores and online include LonoLife – (See HERE!) I also like Bonafide which is sold online and in some organic stores in the freezer section, and Kettle and Fire.

    It is very important to have Bone Broth a few times a week. It is so beneficial for your immune system, gut health, balancing your hormones, and for Optimal Thyroid Health.

    I definitely do one thing the same every single day, and it works for me. I drink a nutrient dense vegan shake packed with prebiotics and probiotics. If you are interested in hearing more, Check that out here or shoot me an e-mail for more detailed information. It helped me lose 40+ pounds off my body, which is awesome, and I am a completely new person! Do you crave chocolate or coffee? You never will again because you can just grab one of these bad boys and GO! The energy I receive from getting these nutrients in every day is incredible!

    UPDATE: My absolute now is PLANTS. Eating more plants. Consuming fresh produce every single day will change everything. I started juicing and it is the best thing to ever happen in my Life! It is a non-negotiable in my daily. More blog posts coming on plant-based diets and why they are so important My favorite juicer is the Omega.

    I hope these 4 Tips to Optimal Thyroid Health helped you, and I have much more to share on this subject to get to the highest version of you ASAP. There is no magic pill to perfect health, with or without a thyroid deficiency, so try many things and please do not give up! You got this.



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    I hope The Secret to Optimal Thyroid Health Tips gave you some perspective on what direction you want to take, and what you need to be doing first.

    All it takes is one thing. Just START.

    It is not an easy road but please remember these important mantras. I am Strong. I am a Warrior. I am a Doer. I am Fantastic. I am a Badass. I am enough. Remember those and repeat and write down daily. You are enough.  xo


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