10 Badass Reasons Why I Love the Fall Season

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Autumn. Fall. We finally made it. Today, we are discussing the 10 Badass Reasons Why I Love the Fall Season. Welcome to the absolute best time of the year!

We can love all the seasons, but most people fall into two categories. Summer or Fall. This is what I have seen most of the time anyway. Loving the glorious season we are in at the moment during October, and embracing it full force. All in! Let’s Dive in and check out the 10 badass reasons why I love fall more than anything! We all have something to love in this Fall list.

Everything Halloween

I absolutely LOVE the month of October and Halloween is so much fun! We have 5 fur children, but we are big kids ourselves, and we love celebrating with our neighborhood and friend’s children during this fun Holiday. We decorate our front yard every year with a cemetery and it is the best display you have ever seen!

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Cooler Weather

I live in the Carolinas, and it has been the hottest summer in history EVER! We are still getting 96 degrees this week and we are breaking two different records just this week on the high temperatures! WHAT!? Fall is my absolute favorite time from October through March and when it finally cools down, it is absolutely GLORIOUS!

The Seasons of Life and Change

reasons i love fall include the seasons of change

Do you love your Seasons? You might live in a warm state like Florida and you really do not see the seasons changing with the temperature or leaves changing color on the beautiful trees in the autumn months. I know because I lived there for 2 years. I was dying to see all of this happen since I grew up in the Midwest.

I longed for that, and I love the cooler months. With Fall, it isn’t just the weather that is changing. It is also about the seasons of our personal lives on change, flow, and growth. Every season is not a growing season, along mine are! There are seasons of harvesting, watering, planting of seeds, fertilizing, and pulling up the weeds for our personal life growth too.

Fall for me is about reflection, balance, planting seeds, watering, nurturing, and developing them. Spring is about inner renewal, rebirth, and massive growth. Seasons change, and so do we.

We moved to the Carolinas 13 years ago and it is getting more like Florida every year. That being said, we do have our seasons and it is glorious! We do not get as much snow in the winter months, and if we do everything shuts down for a week! haha! It melts pretty quickly and we move on with our day! Best of both worlds here! The mountains are less than two hours away, and the beach about 3 hours away. Come for a visit sometime. You will Fall in Love!

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Pumpkins RULE. They are so much fun. I love Pumpkin carving, roasting pumpkin seeds (DELICIOUS), making homemade pumpkin pie (the Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Version of course), going to pumpkin patches, and picking out your own pumpkins. It is such a high vibrational time for me and feeling all the feels of the Fall season coming. It is the BEST!!

Fall Foliage

10 Badass Reasons why I love the Fall season

I grew up in Michigan, and the Fall seasons there are magnetic! I am a tree hugger anyway, so when the trees change into gorgeous vibrant, yellows, oranges, and reds it is a movement.

The beauty and energy draw me in and I always take a billion pictures and really connect with being outdoors and next to all the trees. I will add a few pictures below. Do you love trees when they change and transform? Share some of yours and give me a comment below this blog post.

Apples, Cider & Cinnamon

There is nothing better than smelling and tasting the awesomeness of Fall. Family gatherings, apple picking, tasting the warm cider with cinnamon, apple pie, pumpkin pie, and enjoying life. I love going to apple orchards and picking my own apples and then getting warm cider afterward with cinnamon sticks. Oh, Baby!

My favorite cinnamon to use for everything is organic cinnamon


OMG BOOTS! Fall is the perfect time to get all your besties out of the closet and move them front and center. Boho Booties, Boots with sky-high heels, Open-toe heel Boots, MOTO Boots, and of course my all-time Favorite- Lace-up Combat Boots! I have a really cool pair of SKULL BOOTS as well that I found a few years ago from Frye. They are my high frequency, high vibe boots and I love wearing them. They feel like slippers too. Who is with me?

By the way, do you want to get some awesome deals and get a few bucks to use for a boot purchase? I have used EBATES for years, and they send you a check every month or every other month depending on what you spend. It is perfect! Getting Money for shopping? I am in! Try it out below and find your Fall Boots!

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Sweater Weather

Who doesn’t love an oversized, cozy sweater to wear with those badass boots? It is what the cooler weather is all about. You look super stylish and comfy as well. I grabbed some sweet sweaters from Stitch Fix and they are so freaking cool. Super boho and different. Open back, Off the shoulder, trendy designs, and fun. There are no boring sweaters in my closet! I absolutely love them! Check them out!

Try Stitch Fix and use $25 Free Dollars to Find Your Favorite Sweater! What is really cool about this service is you can skip months or use it however you want, and if you receive anything you don’t care for or want, just send it back in the pre-paid USPS mailer that is included with the package you receive. Just put what you do not want in the bag, seal it, and drop it off at the post office. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Firepits and Crisp Nights

Firepits and me. Me and firepits. A crisp evening outdoors. The hickory smell can be in our noses for eternity, right? I love it! Relaxing outside with a cozy firepit, and feeling the cool air and trees blowing around you while the leaves fall. It is the dream season. It is so good to be alive!

Early Morning Runs

I love to workout early in the morning so I usually go for a quick run/jog. It is usually a 1-2 miler at the very most. My knees can’t make it past 2 miles. 😉 When the weather changes, and Fall sets in, it is absolutely glorious. I am talking you feel absolutely AMAZING the whole time. I love running in the fall months with my Love Your Melon beanies and of course my puma gear. I can’t wait for the cold for this reason alone!!

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I hope you enjoyed all the badass reasons why I love fall. It is the absolute best time of the year and I am so grateful I live in the Carolinas so I can enjoy the beautiful seasons every year. Come visit sometime!

You will fall in love with it too!!

Submit a comment below where you are from and why you love fall!!



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